Our first event in the new run of NetworkED seminars is going to take the form of a workshop, run by Martin Hawksey. It is entitled ‘What the Little Birdy tells me: Twitter in Education.’ This workshop will explore some educational ‘Twitter hacks’ which cover a wide range of activities from a free SMS broadcast system, Twitter for classroom voting and the application of social network analysis to for mining Twitter for actionable insights. As part of this participants will be shown a range of free and open source tools to assist in Twitter data collection and analysis including the Twitter Archiving Google Spreadsheet (TAGS) and NodeXL. For more information visit our CLT webpage for the event.

Date: Wednesday 13th November

Time: 15.00-16.30

LSE staff can book onlinehttps://apps.lse.ac.uk/training-system/userBooking/course/7376384

Externals very welcome: No booking is required to watch the live stream, simply visit the event page at 3pm next Wednesday. If you would like to attend in person then please email: g.veschini@lse.ac.uk

Twitter: use the hashtag #LSENetED for comments & questions. Martin’s handle is @mhawksey