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Disha Goel

April 14th, 2022

Why LSE’s MiM vs any other college or degree?


Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Disha Goel

April 14th, 2022

Why LSE’s MiM vs any other college or degree?


Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

An important question with an even more important answer. LSE’s MiM was absolutely right for Disha Goel, Master’s in Management (MiM) Student Ambassador. Will it be for you too? Let’s find out!

LSE Master's in Management students sitting in a Marshall Building lecture room
Master’s in Management students at LSE sitting in a Marshall Building lecture room 2022


Hey! I’m Disha. If you are on this page, then I guess you’re hovering over the same questions as me when I had to make my decision.

To start off, here’s some information about me: I’m from Mumbai, India. After my undergrad in Accounting and Finance, I worked at Pitchbook Data for about 1.5 years as a Senior Research Associate. I’ve also been pursuing CIMA on the side.

Well, while working I realised, I need something new, something more challenging in my life. I wanted a new experience, wanted to explore more.

That is when the thought of pursuing a master’s came to my mind. Studying again after a hiatus of almost 2 years seemed daunting, but I’m glad I chose to do it. Let me tell you why!

Well-rounded degree

The Master’s in Management (MiM) equips you for any kind of job – be it in financing as an Investment Banker or operations as an Analyst or in consulting as an Associate. No matter what field you are coming from, there is plenty to learn.

My personal goal is to work in consulting. And 6 months in, I know I’m working towards my target.

The course has a practical structure, which gives hands on knowledge on various subjects. You even get to personalise the course to your liking by choosing two electives in the second term. And there is a range of electives to choose from. It’s also a degree that is gaining a lot of traction all over the world and it seemed to be the best choice for me.

LSE as a university

Not gonna lie, The London School of Economics has always been a dream college of mine. It’s a world-renowned prestigious university, and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been accepted by it.

The MiM degree at LSE is one of the most competitive courses in the world with quite a low acceptance rate. There are so many departments and courses in the university, that you can’t keep a count of or maybe you haven’t heard of before too.

The university holds so many seminars and presentations by leading individuals from various sectors; there is so much to learn and experience.

And, the libraryyy…. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it.

The new Marshall building, which is for the Department of Management is just beautiful. The entire campus in fact, it’s right in the middle of one of the best cities in the world – London. There are also so many rooftops in different buildings with spectacular views of the city. 6 months here and I still haven’t been on them all. The college has an open campus, so you just stumble upon it while randomly walking in the area.

Master's in Management pizza party on LSE campus
Master’s in Management pizza party on LSE campus


My cohort

LSE believes in quality education and for that purpose it keeps the sizes of its cohorts small and diverse. My class size is around 80 people coming in from almost 27 countries. Not to forget, everyone comes in from different academic backgrounds. There are people from engineering, medical, finance, psychological fields along with people from management fields. Within the classroom alone there is so much to learn from one another.

Though learning is not all we do. 😛

We have various socials at different venues where we let loose and  have fun. We go out for lunches, dinners before/after lectures.

It’s a great community that I’m a part of. Everyone in the class is extremely helpful and comes ahead to support each other whenever needed.


What can LSE do for you?

You start seeing the world a bit differently. The professors are always there to help whenever you need some. Whatever career you want to pursue, even if you are unsure, LSE is there to help you.

The career opportunities here are endless and the university helps you to sail through it. The name of the college itself opens a lot of doors for you.

I’m a big fan of the Harry Potter series. Dumbledore says, “Help will always be given to those who ask for it”. And it holds true here, whatever help you need, you only need to ask and there will be more than enough people willing to lend a hand. That’s the kind of community LSE fosters.

LSE has been a life changing experience for me. There are some days that are quite difficult, it is scary too. But there is always something to look forward to that gives you the strength to go on.

The exciting lectures, the awesome cohort, just LSE.


Learn more about the Master’s in Management programme

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