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Asaki Homma

June 23rd, 2022

Is a masters at LSE worth it?

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Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Asaki Homma

June 23rd, 2022

Is a masters at LSE worth it?

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Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Asaki Homma, MSc Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Student Ambassador shares her thoughts on if it really is worth studying a master’s here at the Department of Management. Read on to find out…


LSE student studying oin campus

I imagine that if you’re reading this article you might be thinking of applying to a do a master’s degree and potentially at LSE.

I was one of you last year. 

Today, I would like to share my notions on the very important question of “Is a masters at LSE worth it?”

Applicants for the master’s programme vary. Some have already got a lot of professional experience, others have recently completed their undergraduate degree. However, in spite of the differences, I would say a master’s at LSE is really worth it.

I will explain my reasons divided into three sections. 

Photo taken by me in class

1. Academic learning

Studying a master’s means that you can shape the intensive academic learning around your interests. For people with or without practical experience, the theoretical approach you get at a master’s level helps you apply it to a current or future experience. It lets you understand complex circumstances or numbers logically. 

As for the characteristics of LSE, LSE has a number of great and renowned professors. They are not only full of academic experience but with professional experience as well.

TIP: Make your time at LSE more useful by combining class learning with 1 on 1 meeting with professors rather than only listening in the classes. 

The learning environment at LSE is not only the relationships between professors and students but also the massive amount of academic resources you can attain through the LSE library. LSE Library contains more than 4 million publications.

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2. Networking 

One of the essential elements you can get out of a master’s is networking with people. You can find people who are pursuing similar interests as you, and people who are pursuing different careers with a similar major.

Communication with those cohorts can enhance your understanding of the specific disciplines, and the application to careers. For example, at MSc Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, we have 43 people coming from 26 countries, which is a specifically diverse environment. We explore new perspectives every single day just by having conversations among us. 

Networking can be gained not only among your major, but through the other opportunities at LSE as well.

We have many seminars and coffee chats on various topics including your specific major, careers, volunteering, and etc.

TIP: Attend these sessions, you can expand your network not only internally on the programme but also outside of the programme, department, and university students. 

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3. Career change

Many students studying a masters at LSE pursue a career change as one of their objectives. LSE is one of the most prestigious universities around the world, as we can see management department ranked #3 in the world for business and management (2022).

The brand of LSE not only accelerates you in terms of the academic knowledge, but also supports you in structuring your self-branding either to pursue your new professional or academic career.

If structuring your career is one of the biggest concerns that you have – the LSE Career Hub is there for you, to help you. You can:

  • meet with the consultant, 
  • attend career seminars,
  • have coffee chats with alumni,
  • get invitations from corporations. 

TIP: My particular suggestion is to take a 1 on 1 meeting with the career consultant in the department. You can easily make the booking through the student system and with your career idea, you can freely ask any questions or concerns to them. 

LSE Marshall building London
The Marshall Building. Taken by me.

Final Thoughts

Studying a master’s is one of the biggest choices you might make in life, and I am sure you will be wondering how to decide the way to go. I hope this blog helps you with choosing the master’s, career, the university, and the programme you are applying to. 

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have specific questions or concerns, I can help answer. (My info is below) See you soon 🙂 


Learn more about our MSc Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship programme

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