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Jiawei Zhu

May 4th, 2023

LSE’s Department of Management – a vibrant, diverse and welcoming community

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Jiawei Zhu

May 4th, 2023

LSE’s Department of Management – a vibrant, diverse and welcoming community

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Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Read how LSE’s Department of Management student community has made LSE a home away from home for GMiM student Jiawei.


To me, student life is mostly about meeting and interacting with different people at university.

The online learning during Covid heavily disrupted this and limited my enjoyment as an undergraduate student. It left me wishing to be part of a more connected and bonded community during my master’s degree. Therefore, I was most curious about what the LSE management student community looked like when I was a prospective student.

So, what exactly does the LSE management student community look like?

In short, I love it so much that I am writing a blog about it!

After joining LSE nearly half a year ago now as a GMiM (Global Master’s in Management) student, I would describe the LSE management student community as;

  • vibrant,
  • diverse,
  • and welcoming.
  • It is truly international, with students hailing from all over the world and representing a wide range of cultural, socioeconomic, and academic backgrounds.

Every interaction with peers could widen my options, inspiring me to see things in new ways.

The part I love most is that I am always welcomed when I approach  a student whom I did not know before. I am constantly impressed by the warmth of the community, with students from diverse backgrounds coming together to support each other and create a friendly environment.


Never-Silent Classrooms

You must have had that experience of awkward silence in classroom when the atmosphere is just not right for students to express ideas. But I have rarely experienced that in the LSE classroom.

LSE emphasises collaboration and teamwork in its academic programmes. Learning in groups for projects and presentations, I am always positively influenced by our other students’ pursuit of academic rigour and interdisciplinary creativity. The collaborative learning approach enhances the sense of community and ensures liveliness in the classrooms.

The practical case-study mode of learning also helps bring out the full passion within students. With heated discussions in almost every seminar and around every corner of the Marshall Building, an encouraging environment is formed naturally for students to exchange ideas.

Besides, just imagine how thrilling the discussions could be if participated by students with multidisciplinary and multicultural backgrounds.

In terms of networking opportunities, the Department of Management student community includes current students and also a vast, approachable, prominent alumni from a variety of industries.

Building Connections, Not Competition

Finding internships and jobs is already stressful enough, not to mention if you are in a competitive environment where other students feel like potential competitors.

At LSE, I never feel like that.

Students share their experiences and insights of job and internship hunting openly. There is a supportive environment where everyone is finding success together.

Students are proactive. We have formed societies and group chats as platforms for everyone to exchange information and find interview practice partners. It is extremely easy to find a case interview partner in the ‘GMiM Consulting Cases’ group chat on WhatsApp, and I could always find new partners to simulate a real interview experience.

In terms of networking opportunities, the LSE management student community is not limited to current students but includes the vast, approachable, prominent alumni in a variety of industries. There are lots of alumni panels and events to build connections. The most recent luxury brand alumni panel was a rare opportunity to learn about what it is like to work in the mysterious luxury industry. To me, these broad connections to alumni from all kinds of industries widened my options, making me understand there is not one perfect job or industry but many. There are many career paths that can be fulfilling.


Lots of Fun

One thing I love the most about LSE’s social culture is that we get to connect with other year groups and exchange students. As part of the year 1 GMiM group, we had seniors in our group chat who shared their insights about the programme from the very beginning. They also organised events like a boat party to welcome us and the new exchange students.

Moreover, the department arranges social events at least every two weeks, ranging from basic 3 Tuns nights (LSE’s Student Union pub) to the fancy Christmas dinner and department ball.

I must admit that I was impressed by the number of socials events, which motivated me to study more efficiently to have more time to get involved. My friend circle has expanded far beyond than I expected.

Joining one or more SU societies is another way to enrich your student life. With over 200 societies, you will feel dizzy when selecting which ones to join. I chose to join the Equestrian and Polo society, which is truly unique. Spending a few hours in the wildness outside of London every week is both relaxing and uplifting. I have not only built friendships with other society members but with the lovely horses as well.

All in all, the management student community has made LSE a home away from home for me. The diverse, supportive, and vibrant nature of the community has brought me an enriching student experience that has exceeded all my expectations. From challenging myself academically and broadening my horizon socially, I have grown in countless ways.

I am confident that the management student community here will never disappoint you.


Learn more about the Global Master’s in Management programme

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Global Master's in Management student 2022/23

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