Alternative Media Is An Alternative (guest blog)

How do you define Alternative Media in an age when the Internet provides so many alternatives? Hyper-local blog expert Will Perrin came to Polis Summer School to join in a day of debate on that subject. This was the response from Summer School student Fatymatou Dia: Since the beginning of the course, I have been struggling with definitions  for journalism in […]


Editorial Diversity: Quality Networked Journalism

This is a second draft extract from a paper I am writing on the idea of ‘Quality’ in Networked Journalism. Read Part One here. Comments more than welcome! Networked Journalism creates ‘quality’ by adding value to news in three ways. 1. Editorial diversity: it creates more substantial and varied news 2. Connectivity and Interactivity: it distributes news in different ways […]

March 15th, 2010|Journalism, Media|2 Comments|

Election '10: the media matters but which media?

  Whose election is this? That was the question I am left with at the end of a fascinating week where I have heard directly from a top Labour campaign strategist, Welsh voters, and LSE political pundits. If you believe the mainstream media it is in the hands of the spin doctors and journalists. The pollsters and professors say it’s […]


OK, so we all like networked journalism – but how to we make it happen? (Polis in Dubai)

If you spend two days in a seminar with 12 journalists from around the world (just one American, one Brit) you are bound to come out with a more global sense of the future of journalism. Add to that the 0ther 600 delegates at the World Economic Forum in Dubai who are talking about everything from the Ageing Society to the […]


Future of journalism: some principles and predictions (Polis in Stockholm Pt 3)

I gave a talk to the Swedish Journalism Fund’s 40th anniversary conference on the Next Five Years for journalism. They seemed to have a better idea than I did of what’s coming next, but here are some extracts from my notes for the evening including a list of predictions for the next five years and suggestions for how journalism training […]

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