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News in the Age of Trump: A Re-evaluation of Journalistic Ethics

Sanaya Chanda is a candidate of the MSc in Global Media and Communications at LSE

Journalism’s Existential Crisis

BuzzFeed’s publication of an unverified dossier containing compromising details of the forty-fifth President’s campaign activities and his alleged collusion with the Russian government, and CNN’s consequent report of the President’s briefing of this dossier by the CIA prompted Donald Trump to call CNN […]


A 21st Century BBC: A lecture by Diane Coyle, Acting Chair of the BBC Trust

In this lecture, Diane Coyle considers how the BBC can meet the challenge of providing a universal service while media channels proliferate and its audience becomes more and more diverse. She will also examine the BBC’s relationship with the state and ask how its independence is best protected.

About Diane:

Born and raised in the North West, Diane was educated at […]


WikiLeaks: News In The Networked Era: New book – lecture podcast, interview video, etc

My latest book is ‘WikiLeaks: News In The Networked Era’ available from Amazon here (there will be a Kindle version at some point).

You can watch a video of me talking about the key issues in the book here

You can get a video or audio podcast of a lecture I gave based on the book in November 2011 here

The book was written […]


Who Cares? Polis panel debate on public perceptions of humanitarian aid

In a world of disasters and suffering brought to your living room every night or to your laptop every second, who cares? When you see an advert by Action Aid or a leaflet from Oxfam what you do? How do you react when Angelina Jolie or Bono asks for your money or attention for starving children in Africa? We […]

November 2nd, 2011|Development, Media|1 Comment|

Investigative journalism and human rights: a Polis seminar report

In the networked journalism age there is a lot that the news media can learn from other organisations that have expertise in investigating the kind of stories that we should be covering. Polis teamed up with the Centre for Investigative Journalism to put on a special seminar with Anthea Lawson and Robert Palmer from Global Witness to explain how to […]

October 25th, 2011|Journalism|1 Comment|