Planning for Justice

Resources for built environment practitioners fostering more equal, healthy and sustainable places.  

Planning for Justice is a coalition of graduate students, alumni and faculty in Regional and Urban Planning Studies. We have launched a resource platform and global research initiative on the relationship between urban planning and systemic inequality.

We have crafted a growing digital library—with accessible articles, academic work and action items—as a democratic tool for learning and advocacy. Explore international topics in environmental justice, health equity, social history, carceral geography and urban policy on our digital library, or add new resources using our submission link.

Finally, we are building a team of collaborators from LSE students, alumni, faculty members, but also urban institutions and civic organisations in cities around the world. We seek to elevate the voices of community groups and social justice advocates who have long been fostering more inclusive public commons. We are explicitly committed to anti-racist planning efforts and aim to disrupt legacies of uneven development through scholarship, dialogue and the promotion of progressive projects. We welcome multimedia and creative work. We have also started this public blog to make space for new reflections.





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