PBS’s Professor Cathy Campbell presented a wealth of work dedicated to issues in Global Health at the internal launch of a new multidisciplinary LSE Global Health Initiative. The initiative’s work will apply LSE’s tradition of rigorous social science research to emerging global health challenges.

The Global Health Initiative is a cross-departmental research platform initiated by the Departments of International Development, Psychological and Behavioural Sciences and the LSE Health & Social Care Research Centre within the Department of Social Policy. Its goal is to increase the coherence and visibility of Global Health research activity across the School, both internally and externally, by providing a platform and support for interdisciplinary engagement.

The event (on Thursday 18th May 2017) included a seminar and discussion exploring how Global Health is currently addressed at LSE, with presentations by Elias Mossialos (LSE Health), Cathy Campbell (Psychological and Behavioural Science) and Ken Shadlen (International Development). Campbell highlighted research contributed by faculty from the Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science toward health, healthcare systems, community mobilisation and community action all around the world, and helped tackle questions about how this new platform can and will contribute to this important field. You can watch Campbell’s presentation on the PBS Facebook page.

The discussion was lively and wide-ranging. Postgraduate students and faculty evaluated LSE’s unique contribution to the field and debated the ways this new initiative can benefit LSE staff and students, including a call for more dynamic collaboration opportunities and cross-departmental support mechanisms.  The seminar was followed by an exhibition of nearly forty posters and abstracts showcasing Global Health work submitted by staff and students from a range of LSE Departments.

LSE staff and students can access an audio recording of the seminar here (presentations start at 00.13.18). Login with your LSE credentials.

There will be a public event to launch the initiative in the autumn. To find out more and to stay up-to-date with new activities, click here.

It’s a great pleasure for our department to be a part of this initiative and we look forward to the insights that will be produced.



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