‘How are you?’

Take a survey of LSE students and I think an alarming number of responses would be along the lines of: tired, busy or stressed. These responses don’t mean that someone isn’t happy but these are certainly states that the majority of us are familiar with. It may sound somewhat a contradiction in terms but I think that many people at LSE like to be busy, to be being stretched mentally, to be stretched for time. I know I do.

In the midst of it all, stress isn’t all that fun (that’s why I am so lucky to have such a wonderful housemate!) However, aside from all of the rewards that hard work can bring, whether that’s the grade you got, the money you earned or the project you launched, one of the best things about being busy is how good it feels to be calm again.

The last couple of weeks have been pretty manic for me, despite it only being the beginning of term. But now with the LSE100 exam over and my geography coursework submitted, I have managed to get things back in order. I slept for 12 hours last night and it was sublime.  Sleep feels best when you feel like you’ve worked for it. Today I spent the day getting through my dirty washing, tidying my room, I cooked an apple crumble and have gone through my emails. With some calm music on, I am feeling the peace and contentment of a Sunday evening. I am proud of what I achieve when I am busy and I am proud of the balance that I maintain between work and play in my life. I remember when a friend from home came to visit me in London she said ‘I love visiting London for the day, but it’s just not for me. I find it too fast, too stressful,’ then she looked at me and said ‘but being here makes me see how perfect it is for you.’

And now for some well deserved rest before the rush of the new week arrives!



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