Are you a student at LSE? Or maybe you’re just visiting London for a short break? Either way, this article is for you.

With summer (and exams) right around the corner, here’s the perfect walking tour to take when you’re ready for a break from the library or just want to get some fresh air. The best time to take this route is in the evening, around the golden hour (one hour or so, before sunset) and you will see why when we reach our destination. Over the next few minutes, I’m going to take you on this tour virtually. Here’s hoping you enjoy it.

Lincoln’s Inn Fields



The walking tour starts at none other than Lincoln Inn’s Fields nestled inside LSE’s campus. We will start with a quick stroll through the park, taking in the sunlight and the greenery around. Then, we shall make our way to Aldwych.

We will follow the curved path, passing through The Waldorf Hilton and the Novello Theatre until we make it to The Strand Junction. Now would be a good time to perhaps grab a bite to eat or a cup of coffee in the nearby Tesco/Starbucks. Following this, we shall continue.


Doughnuts with a view


We will walk towards the Waterloo Bridge. Once there, we shall spend a few minutes atop the bridge, to enjoy the view on either side. We will then take the stairs to continue our walking tour along the riverside. By now, we will be able to get a good view of the London Eye.

There are benches along the riverside, we’ll take a short break here. I must say, it’s one of the most calming places to be – sitting by the river, listening to the water and looking out into space.


Waterloo Bridge

Victoria Embankment


On the opposite side of the road, there is a lovely garden (Victoria Embankment) and so, to add a bit of colour to our route, we shall walk through there. Every year, when the flowers are in full bloom, it is truly a beautiful sight to behold.

After the garden, we shall take a right into Northumberland Avenue and make our way to Trafalgar Square because our final stop is Buckingham Palace. Once at the Square, we shall walk down The Mall.

Trafalgar Square

Just before reaching the Palace, we shall take a slight detour into St. James’ Park to pay a visit to the ducks and the swans, both white and black. There is a point in the Park where you get a glimpse of the Palace from the middle of a bridge. If visiting St. James’ Park, make sure to check that out.

St. James’ Park

We shall then cover the final leg of our tour as we make our way to the Palace. By now, if the sun is setting/has set, you’re in luck because the Palace will be lit. We’ll then make our way to the centre, sit there for a bit and then make our way back.

Buckingham Palace

If time permits, throw in a visit to the London Eye, to see it lit bright, in contrast to the night sky.

I must say that after taking this walking tour, you will be putting yourself in a much better state to go back to studying. LSE exams can be stressful and therefore it’s important to remember the big picture (that exams are a small part of your life) and schedule in breaks during the day. Taking time to walk around the city is one such method of cooling off your mind from all its hard work. So, go on, try my “walking tour” route and see if it helps!

Janice Rachel Shwetha Jacob

Janice Jacob

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