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Following the recent horrific shooting in Orlando, Florida, we gathered three Americans to discuss their research and direct experience with the politics of gun violence. We contextualise the recent news with a statistical and research frame and then took a specific look at the gun safety policy and political fights that took place in Colorado in 2013.

Chris Gilson of the LSE US Centre talks to Sierra Smucker, PhD student at Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy, and Visiting Student at the LSE US Centre, Sasha Milonova, Communications Associate for the Dahrendorf Forum at LSE IDEAS, and MSc student in political economy, and Denise Baron, Ballpark Producer and LSE MSc student in social psychology.

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HEIF-5-logo-full-sizeThe Ballpark was produced with help from the LSE’S HEIF5 fund and the US Embassy in the UK.  Our theme tune is by Ranger and the “Re-Arrangers”, a Seattle based gypsy jazz band.

Note:  This podcast gives the views of the interviews and co-hosts, and is not the position of USAPP – American Politics and Policy, the LSE US Centre, nor the London School of Economics.

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