Joshua Huder

In the aftermath of the Senate’s “nuclear option,” efforts should be made to reform, rather than eliminate the filibuster

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Since Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid used the so-called “nuclear option” to essentially end the filibuster on most presidential nominations on Thursday, there has been considerable speculation over the future of the filibuster on legislation. Joshua Huder argues that the filibuster, when used correctly, can foster bipartisanship and calls for it to be reformed rather than eliminated. He goes on […]

U.S. government shutdown ends – reaction from USApp experts, updated

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On Wednesday night Congress came to an agreement to end the US-government’s 16 day shutdown, and to raise the debt ceiling until at least early February. We asked our expert contributors for their immediate reactions to the agreement.  _ The political realities that brought about the government shutdown and the debt crisis have not changed – Joshua Huder – Georgetown University The […]

The Hastert rule is severely limiting Speaker John Boehner’s ability to negotiate a compromise over the shutdown.

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In response to Newt Gingrich’s tumultuous term as House Speaker in the 1990s, his successor, Dennis Hastert, took a much more consensual leadership style, bringing no bill to the House floor unless supported by a majority of the majority party. This informal arrangement is now known as the ‘Hastert Rule’. Joshua Huder and Marian Currinder look at how the strict […]

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