Feb 1 2018

Vic Finnigan, former LSE Head Porter

It is with great sadness that LSE announces the death of Vic Finnigan. Vic retired from LSE in 2014 as Head Porter after 25 years of service.

Two of Vic’s collegues share their memories of Vic. If you would like to join them, please add a comment to the post.



At Vic’s Leaving Do, I said to those assembled:

“I think you would all agree Vic is one of those people who you simply won’t forget. I would describe him as a rough diamond and one cheeky bleeder. You and your lads do a tough job in all weathers, with good humour and are vital to the smooth functioning of the School and it is because of this, you generate genuine respect and affection.”

And yes mate (that’s how he referred to men and woman alike!) you will indeed be fondly remembered by all of us who had the pleasure of knowing you.

Julian Robinson, Director of Estates Division


Having spent 25 years at LSE, Vic was part of the furniture, he knew everything and everyone. Like me, I’m sure there are many of you that enjoyed listening to his stories; and boy did he know how to tell one! He was the go-to man to get stuff done and would never pass you by without stopping and saying hello (usually with a fag hanging out of his mouth!)

Mate! you will be missed, you were one of a kind. There is only one way to describe Vic – A legend!

Francesca Ruscoe, Estates Division

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18 Responses to Vic Finnigan, former LSE Head Porter

  1. Nick Byrne says:

    He was an absolute star. Such a nice guy.

  2. Hazel Johnstone says:

    very sorry to hear. There was nothing he couldn’t manage to make work, last minute or not!

  3. Emma Taverner says:

    I am gutted to hear this. Vic had a really good heart, and was always really kind to me. I’m sure he will be badly missed by everyone who knew him. Sending my sympathy and condolences to his family and friends.

  4. Alice Williams says:

    Such sad news. Vic was a legend.

  5. Adam gale says:

    Vic was certainly a real character. What sad news to hear of his passing so soon after his retirement.
    Rest in peace, mate.

  6. Sandra Jovchelovitch says:

    It is with great sadness that I heard about Vic’s passing.
    Vic was just the man to support and help you navigate the labirinth of LSE – always there, always fun, always ready to help. I have been lucky enough to have had Vic working with me during various research events we organised in the Shaw Library. I will never forget how helpful he was; life-saving actually (really). He was also super when you needed to find an extra chair for your office without blowing the budget. We used to regret in over-melancholic tones the change of chairs in the Shaw Library. Sadly we never manage to salvage one or two of the old ones and now I have to put up with the new (ghastly) stuff. RIP Vic.
    My condolescences to his family.

  7. Annette Haas says:

    So sad to hear this. Vic was one of a kind and always good humoured, helpful and approachable in any situation no matter how busy or snowed under he and the team were already.
    RIP mate. My condolences to all his family & friends.

  8. Daniel Linehan says:

    Vic was absolutely unique with a great sense of humour and saved my life on many occasions. He was one in a million! My condolences to his family and colleagues in Portering Services.

  9. Tom Hinrichsen says:

    Vic was a master and will be sorely missed.
    London and the world will be poorer without him.
    Maybe the School can take this opportunity to celebrate him in a way that too easily gets overlooked during a working lifetime…
    Long live Vic!

  10. Alan Revel says:

    Very sad news to hear of Vic’s passing. Vic was a character, whose humour and hard work meant he was appreciated by all who encountered him as part of their work at LSE. Whether moving furniture or enjoying a pint in the Tuns he was enjoyable company. Vic and his colleagues in the porters team are people who many at LSE won’t know, but without whom the School would not function. Never short of a story or three, Vic was one of a kind. Sincere condolences to all of his family and friends.

  11. Dan Reeves Estates Sustainability says:

    Vic was and always will be an LSE legend! Always chirpy, upbeat and telling you straight as he saw it! I will never forget dropping into his office for some help, and he was surrounded by an Aladdins cave of random LSE stuff, shouting instructions to his team; whilst having a cigarette (true multi-tasking!) A top bloke who would help you out, and pull off what seemed the impossible to those of us behind desks all day! He will be missed by many, but never forgotten.

  12. Guevara Raul Diaz says:

    My condolence to Vic’s family. We will surely him.

  13. Nick Sharman says:

    Such sad news, always enjoyed the daily gossip with Vic

  14. Jane Pugh says:

    Vic certainly was one in a million. He was such a kind, generous man – he would help you at a moments notice. He will be greatly missed. My condolences go to his sisters.

  15. Tony Simpson says:

    Vic was a true master of knowing not only how to get things done but also knowing who to approach if he got stuck. Nothing was beyond him or his team. Early mornings, late nights and all weekend if necessary to help make sure that an event went as planned.
    I am not sure if he led any family but if he did then I send them my deepest condolences.
    R.I.P mate

  16. Tom Hewlett says:

    I didn’t know Vic well, but in many senses you didn’t need to. He dealt with everyone equally no matter their position or seniority. He was always friendly, always accommodating and willing to get things done. Condolences to family, friends, and colleagues. His legacy is evident in the work ethic of the whole portering team, who as like Vic, are often unsung heroes in the day to day running of the School and a real asset to everyone

  17. Anna Johnston says:

    Very sad to hear that Vic has passed away, and wish he could have had longer to enjoy a well-deserved retirement. He was brilliant – very friendly, always got back to you, totally on top of things. My condolences to his family and friends.

  18. Christopher Hunt says:

    I am so sad to hear that Vic has passed away. He really was one in a million. No request was too late, too difficult, too large or too small. He was one of the most willing members of LSE Staff that I have come across.

    Vic and the Porters always completed their task on time and with the minimum of fuss, and some of those tasks were hard work (setting up 1000s of exam desks for example) but there was never a complaint. You really were part of what made LSE function!

    You’ll be missed by many but never forgotten.

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