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Who Shall Overcome?: Islamic Extremism in Northern Nigeria

Dr Kate Meagher tells us about Overcoming Boko Haram: Faith, Society and Islamic Radicalization in Northern Nigeria, a book she recently co-edited with the late Abdul Raufu Mustapha, that digs into the underlying causes of violent Islamic radicalisation in Northern Nigeria.

The rise of violent Islamic extremism in West Africa over the past decade took everyone by surprise. Terrorist outbreaks in north-eastern […]

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    Embrace with Caution: Singapore’s digital growth path and its central bank

Embrace with Caution: Singapore’s digital growth path and its central bank

MSc Local Economic Development student, Wingyan Yip, reviews Singapore’s economic growth path away from trade to fintech and how the role played by its central bank differs from other investment-attracting state actors.

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Trade and Industry in Singapore reported a GDP growth of 0.7% during 2019, the lowest since 2009. The country’s export has […]

The informal economy: Perspectives from Africa

As part of a series on Development practice in Africa, MSc Development Management student, Temi Phyllis Pratt, interviews key African stakeholders working on the continent to drive development across a number of sectors. In this first interview, Charles Dhewa CEO of Knowledge Transfer Africa discusses the role of informal markets in developing the African Continent, with a specific view of […]

Reconciling de-growth and development economics

MSc Development Studies alum and PhD Candidate at the Centre of African Economies at Roskilde University, Tobias Wuttke, questions how viable de-growth is a concept in light of the climate crisis when we are also trying to combat income poverty globally. 

Nobody can deny the relevance of the de-growth concept in light of the climate crisis, and the correlation of economic growth […]

Chile “woke up”: for a new model

Felipe Daniel Gutierrez Alvarez, Chilean-french student on the MSc Development Studies programme, explains why so many young people in his home country of Chile are protesting. 

What is happening in Chile right now? Why is there such a huge outbreak in one of the most stable, until now, countries in Latin America? These are some of the main questions that I […]

Introducing Adona Foundation

MSc Development Studies student, Valerie Yeo, tells us about her non-profit, Adona Foundation, which seeks to inspire, empower and educate girls and young women in developing countries. 

I am a postgraduate student at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), studying an MSc in Development Studies. I completed my undergraduate degree in Political Science at the National University of […]

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    Community Driven Development for Better Social Services Delivery in Pakistan

Community Driven Development for Better Social Services Delivery in Pakistan

MSc Social Policy and Development alum, Asmat Kakar, looks at how service delivery can be improved for the poor and marginalised population of the Pakistan. 

Pakistan is a developing country and world’s sixth  most populous country with more than 64 percent under the age of 30 and brags the world’s fifth largest nuclear weapons state with 140 to 150 nuclear warheads […]

Five things I learnt about Palestine last Friday

MSc Health and International Development student, Dr Harikeerthan Raghuram, covered the recent guest lecture from Dr Rafeef Ziadah, Palestinian-Canadian poet and human rights activist, as part of our weekly International Development Department’s Cutting Edge Issues in Development Thinking and Practice lecture series. Harikeerthan gives his reflections on the lecture and tells us what he took away from the event.

“2.7 million in the West Bank….2 […]

The impact of sustainable finance on the African Continent

Alumn, Sebastian Petric and guest blogger, Merja Laakso, discuss the need to increase finance for clean energy markets on the African continent, and use the example of Beyond the Grid Fund for Zambia (BGFZ) as an initiative that addresses this gap. 

Poverty reduction has been one of the key objectives for developing country governments, as well as international development institutions for decades. In this […]

Poverty: The most pressing human rights issue

Guest blogger, Giorgos Koulouris, looks at the current state of global poverty and suggests how the Sustainable Development Goals can help in creating a fairer world for all. 

Mahatma Gandhi had stated that “poverty is the worst form of violence,” a phenomenon that mainly plagues the population in the developing countries. Poverty is key issue for human rights, sustainable development, social […]