Jul 12 2016

Research Student Destinations: Mark Kersten, 2014, Research Fellow

Mark Kersten

Dr Mark Kersten

Dr Mark Kersten

Research Fellow, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto; Director of Research, Wayamo Foundation

Thesis Title: Justice in conflict: the ICC in Libya and Northern Uganda (2014)

Supervisor: Mark Hoffman and Kirsten Ainley

“My research at the Munk School of Global Affairs continues to examine the politics and impacts of the International Criminal Court (ICC) around the world. I also research the nexus between international and transnational crimes as well as Canada’s role on global justice related issues. As the Research Director of the Wayamo Foundation, I support the African Group for Justice and Accountability in their efforts to improve the relationship between the ICC and Africa as well as build the capacity of African states to investigate and prosecute international crimes.”

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