These fantastic photos from the LSE Library Flickr site tell the story of football at LSE, 1930s-1980s. 

Students v Porters Football, 1936. There used to be a match every year between the porters and students for the ‘Blotto Cup’ which was an old tea caddy. There was a dance in the evening following the football:

Students v Porters Football, 1936

The porters won the match. (Alan Williams back 2nd left, Desmond Leeper middle back, Michael Young back 2nd right, Pearson, back right, Dickie Desborough bottom right):

Students v Porters Football, 1936

LSE Football 1st XI 1944-45. (Back row (left to right): S. A. Crabbe, M. C. Tubb, R. H. Brook, G. E. Mills, R. G. Sturley, P. B. Gascoine.Front row (left to right): T. J. Idigbe[?], C. R. Furlong, G. K. Amachree (Capt.), T. H. Connick (Vice Capt.), R. A. Nicku. Taken in Cambridge):

LSE Football 1st XI 1944-45

Football Club 3rd XI, 1962. (Left to right: D. Walker, P.Jones, D. Knowles, P.Buckle, Bruce Wood, A. Yendell. Front Row left to right: B. Wilson, S. Healy, A. Rigby (Captain), T. Aitken, J. Edwards):

Football Club 3rd XI, 1962

Football First XI, 1963 1962/63 Season. (Back row left to right: Colin Dunn, Michael Summers, Trevor Habeshaw, Alistair Mc Duff, Michael Holmes, D. Robinson, Alan Morton. Front Row left to right: K. Oates, Gordon Scott, David Royle (Captain), Robin Phillipson, Bruce Wood):

Football First XI, 1963

Students playing football in the gym, c1981:

Students playing football in the gym, c1981

LSE First XI, 1985-6. (Back row (from left to right): Hendrik Meesman (the Netherlands), John Paget (Switzerland/England), ??? (Scotland), Luca Ferrari (Italy), ??? (England), Andy Shingler (England); front row: Adam Markin (England), ??? (England), Neil Hutchinson (England), John Nolan (England, captain), Martin ??? (USA). Picture taken at the New Malden Sports Ground):

LSE First XI, 1985-6


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Contributed by Hayley Reed (LSE Communications Division)