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LSE cricket – in pictures

The first photo of a cricket team at LSE dates from 1909. This selection of images from our archives tracks LSE cricketers up to 1979.

Our first photo is the LSE Cricket Team, 1909, including some of the names of those featured. Left to right, back row: Wood, Walter Meakin, Edward Cleveland-Stevens, Norman Burrell Dearle, ?, Eleazer Phillips, Herbert Hutchinson. […]

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Pamela Pigeon – “doing a special job”

On 1 November 2019 GCHQ, the intelligence and security agency responsible for providing communications intelligence to the government and armed forces, marked its centenary. For the first time GCHQ revealed the role of five previously unrevealed sites across the UK in the history of British intelligence. LSE Archivist, Sue Donnelly, investigates the LSE career of one woman destined to […]

An American in London – Harold D Lasswell at LSE in 1923

Terhi Rantanen, Professor of Global Media and Communications paints a picture of the School in the 1920s through the eyes of Harold D Lasswell, an American PhD student and later the founder of comparative communication studies.

Harold D Lasswell (1902-1979), once a world-renowned political scientist and a founder of comparative communication studies, was also one of those US academics who […]

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    A student of good character – Sylvanus Olympio: first President of Togo

A student of good character – Sylvanus Olympio: first President of Togo

In 1925 Sylvanus Olympio graduated from LSE with a B Commerce degree and started work for the United Africa Company in Nigeria, writes LSE Archivist Sue Donnelly. In 1961 he was elected as the first President of Togo.

Olympio was born in 1902 coming from a well-connected Brazilian-African family. His father Epiphanio Olympio ran a trading house in Agoué (now part […]

LSE protests 1966-69 – alumni remember

Watch a short film of former LSE students talking about their experiences during the protests at LSE in the 1960s.


Read the rest of the series in The LSE Troubles

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Feeding mind and body – the LSE Refectory, 1933-1936

The recently discovered “Refectory Suggestions and Complaints” provides some new insights into feeding staff and students at LSE. LSE Archivist, Sue Donnelly, explores the perennial problems of feeding hungry LSE students and staff.

The LSE Refectory was opened in 1907 and was a focal point of LSE life for both students and staff. LSE’s small size and lack of funding […]

Students on the river – in pictures

Student sporting events have a long tradition at LSE, with much of the activity taking place away from our central London campus, at the sports ground at Berrylands, acquired in 1921. But boating activities were downstream, on the western River Thames. Enjoy this selection of photographs of students rowing and boating with LSE through the early years of the […]

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Whatever happened to the revolution? LSE in the 60s

In this LSE Festival event podcast, Professor Michael Cox, LSE IDEAS, and Sue Donnelly, LSE Archivist discuss student unrest in the late 1960s and its legacy.

One British university above all others came to be associated with student rebellion in the 1960s – LSE – later referred by one of the original rebels as that “utopia at the end of the […]

Storming the gates and closing the School

50 years ago in 1969 the School was closed for 25 days. LSE Archivist, Sue Donnelly, investigates the events and causes of that turbulent time.

By January 1969 debate within the School was focussed on three particular areas:

Firstly in January the Commonwealth Prime Ministers Conference was held in London in and led to a resurgence of interest in the issue […]

The Camden Poster Workshop at LSE

The Camden Poster Workshop produced many protest posters for LSE students 1968-69 including one memorable occasion at a 1968 sit-in, write Workshop co-founders Peter Dukes and Sam Lord.

The Camden Poster Workshop (1968-71) was founded during an era of protest across Europe. Run entirely by volunteers, it fulfilled a need for the creation and print of posters by the many different […]

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