Deputy Director(s)

• Work in a close-knit team to pitch and publish content supporting political science
research at the undergraduate level and to introduce the field to the wider LSE
• Such content (open to discussion) would include:
o Articles and compilations published on the UPR website covering topics such
§ Introductions to the fields of political science (political economy, political
theory etc.) to non-political science students;
§ Aspects of research design for student researchers;
§ Quantitative/statistical packages for student researchers.
o GovPod research podcasts (joint collaboration with the Government Society)
§ Assist in conducting 10-15 min interviews with undergraduate and
graduate students who have conducted past research (dissertations,
long-form summative essays etc.).
• The end-goal of the Academic Division is to create a corpus of publicly available
research and academic materials published on the UPR/Government Department
websites targeted for current and future reference by LSE students.
• As Deputy Director (Academics) of the fledgling Academic Division, you will have a
high degree of independence and creative autonomy to explore and achieve the above
aims with the UPR Team (or indeed, propose more).
• Time to commit: the expected workload for this role is around 5-10 hours per week.

Skills required
Although skills such as research experience are valued, your interest and commitment to the
UPR and our vision of supporting undergraduate research is the most important factor.
• Enthusiasm for the field of political science and politics research.
• Interest in and keen commitment to the UPR and its mission of promoting research at
the undergraduate level.
• Strong writing and communication skills.
• Must be a current LSE undergraduate student from any department.
• Past research experience (as an intern, RA etc.) in a social science subject, particularly
in political science, economics, international relations, or related fields.
• Experience with research design courses (e.g. GV249, SP201).
• Experience with statistics courses (e.g. ST107, ST201)
• Particular interests or research experience in one or more subfields of political science
(e.g. Political Theory, Comparative Politics).

How to Apply:
To apply please send an email to with the subject line as
“[First Name Last Name] – Deputy Director (Academics) Application” and be sure to include:
• A copy of your CV
• A brief cover letter explaining why you want this role and why you think you are the
best candidate for it.

Deadline: 2 October 2020, 5PM BST
[ We expect to hire 2 candidates, based on the quality of applications ]

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