Research Team Leader

[Note: After feedback from prospective applicants, we are changing the application
requirements to ensure that those who have good ideas but not a lot of research
experience are not discouraged from applying. So, if you have an interesting idea for a
topic to research but are struggling to find a methodology, we want to hear from you –
the UPR and all of LSE are here to figure out a way to answer your research question
with you!]

• Lead a team of 3 through the research process (from coming up with a topic and a
methodology to having a full draft and presenting the paper at academic
• Identify a research question you want to answer and, with the help of your team,
devise a methodology that will allow you to do so.
• Break the research process down into small, achievable goals and assign tasks to
team members.
• Liaise with academic faculty and the Senior Team of the UPR to ensure your team
gets the support it needs.
• Attend and participate in UPR Research Cafés and workshops.
• Time to commit: the expected workload for this role is around 5-10 hours per week,
although this will vary significantly depending on the stage of the project.

• Passion for research.
• Interest in, and keen commitment to, the UPR and its mission.
• Team management experience.
• Time management skills and the ability to work flexibly and effectively within a busy
• Ability to delegate tasks effectively.
• Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
• Strong writing skills.
• Must be a current LSE undergraduate student in either the second or third year of
the degree programme from any department.
• Previous experience in conducting academic research (e.g. as a research intern or
What you can expect to gain from the role:
• Learn about the research methods available to social science researchers.
• Get to know the research process and all its idiosyncrasies, challenges, and joys.
• Improve your team management and communication skills.
• Exposure to likeminded peers and academics

How to apply:
To apply, please submit the following documents to with the
subject line “[First and Last Name] – Research Team Leader Application”:
• A copy of your CV
• A cover letter that addresses the following questions:
a. Why are you applying for this position? What are your motivations?
b. What relevant research experience do you have?
c. What are your research interests in politics?
d. What relevant leadership experience do you have?
e. How many hours per week could you realistically commit to working on a
research project?
• A preliminary Research Proposal covering the following points [Note: Of course,
the specifics of your Research Proposal are likely to change with the input of your
Research Associates and the academics you will talk to. The point of this is not to
have a perfect Proposal but simply to get you thinking about a topic you would like to
research and a possible way of doing so. Do not be discouraged if this is difficult –
this is part of the process, and you will receive a lot of help and support from the
UPR and others at LSE.]:
a. Motivation: A short introduction to the topic you want to look at, including
what the unique contribution of the proposed paper is or what gap in the
literature it aims to close. [max. 200 words]
b. Literature review: A brief review of some of the relevant literature and the
gap in it you aim to fill. [max. 200 words]
c. Research Question and Hypotheses: A clearly stated research question
and, if possible, potential testable hypotheses that address the research

Deadline: 21 September 2020, 9AM BST
[ We anticipate hiring between 4-5 Research Team Leaders, depending on the quality of
applicants and proposals received ]

*We will start accepting applications for Research Associates in early October.

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