Next week  CLT are supporting the LSE’s first Exhibition in Second Life.  The Déja vu? exhibition is being organised by the students & teachers of  the  French Language & Society course (LN330) as part of the 10th  anniversary celebrations of the LSE Language Centre.

The exhibition will be held on Thursday 25th February from 4pm onwards on the LSE CLT island Castor’s Retreat.  It will  feature work by Michel Herreria, a Bordeaux-based French visual artist with whom the French language team have been collaborating since 2003.

Attending the Exhibition

Déja vu? is open to everyone.  If you would like to attend you will need to create an avatar and arrange access to the Second Life in advance of the exhibition.  Full instructions & support

If you already have an avatar & access to second life you can visit the exhibition here:

What is Second Life?

Second Life is a 3-D virtual world. It is created and inhabited by avatars, 3-D representations which can walk, talk, fly and interact with each other. Second Life replicates many activities of the real world, there are shops (and a currency!), museums, conference centres and much more. The vast majority of UK Higher Education institutions now have a presence in Second Life, for some this is purely a marketing exercise but for many it is a location for teaching & learning.

Second Life allows students to immerse themselves into a character, via their avatar and is an ideal platform for simulations and role-playing activities. It also provides an opportunity to explore virtual locations around the world including museums, art galleries, historic buildings & events.  As with next week’s exhibition it can be used to host events that involve participants from outside the LSE community.