The collaborative project between LTI and the Institute of Public Affairs ‘Constitution UK’ was short-listed for the prestigious QS Stars-Wharton Reimagine Education Awards in the E-Learning category.

Being short-listed for the 2015 Reimagine Education Awards represents a great achievement for the LSE, given the fierce competition that the panel of distinguished international judges presided over this year. Our project was received favourably by the panel across all of the judging criteria, and the panel recognized the outstanding potential of the project to improve pedagogy and employability in a higher education environment. This is a great honour for the LSE and recognises the innovative and exciting work being done at the School in the on-line learning space,  developing internationally recognised and globally innovative approaches to massive, open and on-line learning. 

‘This project was seeking to do something fresh and different for a university, use our academic knowledge to talk with rather than to the general public, to work with this community of everybody on a substantive subject about which we all cared deeply: the creation of a new British constitution. I am delighted it went so well. The future of education surely lies in this sort of collaboration and knowledge co-production. All of us in the ivory tower surely gain from being prepared to muck about in the market place of ideas.’ Professor Conor Gearty, Director – Institute of Public Affairs (LSE)

We are looking forward to leveraging this project into further projects in this space, giving LSE the opportunity to lead in this market, which will be critical for the future of higher education institutions. For more information about the project, click here