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The Media Policy Project produces policy briefs that present new research relevant to current policy debates. This is an edited series that attempts to make academic research accessible and understandable to a larger audience.

Misinformation, digital literacy and the school curriculum
By Gianfranco Polizzi and Ros Taylor

Protection of children online: does current regulation deliver?
By Sonia Livingstone, Damian Tambini, Nikola Belakova and Emma Goodman

Fake news: Public policy responses
By Damian Tambini

The new political campaigning
By Damian Tambini, Sharif Labo, Emma Goodman, and Martin Moore

Media plurality, the Fox-Sky bid, and the case for referral to Ofcom
By Steven Barnett, Martin Moore, and Damian Tambini

Families and screen time: Current advice and emerging research
By Alicia Blum-Ross and Sonia Livingstone

Children and Public Service Broadcasting
By Sonia Livingstone and Claire Local

Monitoring Media Plurality after Convergence
By Damian Tambini and Sharif Labo

Televised Debates in Parliamentary Democracies
By Nick Anstead

The New UK Model of Press Regulation
By Hugh Tomlinson QC

Public Funding of Private Media
By Corinne Schweizer, Manuel Puppis, Matthias Künzler, and Samuel Studer

Modelling Media Ownership Limits
By Justin Schlosberg

Copyright and Creation
By Bart Cammaerts, Bingchun Meng and Robin Mansell

Nuisance Calls: A Case for Concerted Action
by Claire Milne

Regulating Media Plurality and Media Power in the 21st Century
by Rachael Craufurd Smith, Damian Tambini and Davide Morisi

Reforming the PCC: Lessons from Abroad
by Manuel Puppis, Sally Broughton Micova and Damian Tambini

Semantic Polling: The Ethics of Online Public Opinion
by Nick Anstead and Ben O’Loughlin

Reforming Consumer Representation in UK Communications
by Damian Tambini

The Emergence of a Digital Underclass
by Ellen Helsper

Media Literacy and the Communications Act – 2013 Update
Media Literacy and the Communications Act
by Sonia Livingstone and Yinhan Wang

Creative Destruction and Copyright Protection
By Bart Cammaerts and Bingchun Meng

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