Environmental Policy and Energy

Government en route to failure on fuel poverty targets and energy efficiency

Robin Webster looks at the latest energy statistics and explores whether the government can achieve the ambitious targets it has set. The low uptake of its flagship energy efficiency policy, the Green Deal, has brought on calls for the government to set “ambitious minimum standards”. The figures on fuel poverty are perhaps the least encouraging of the lot, with the 2010 target already […]

How ecologism is the true heir of both socialism and conservatism

Rupert Read argues that being concerned about the environment is consistent with both socialism and conservatism. True conservatism is not adherent to capitalism and associated with the wealthy elite, despite what it may seem today. It might therefore have something to offer in stopping neoliberalism’s destruction of all that we hold dear. I recently debated with Roger Scruton at the […]

The case for a European low-carbon economy

In order to protect its future prosperity from the effects of climate change, Europe must move away from its current high-carbon path, to one built on sustainable growth and clean sources of energy. Lord Nicholas Stern makes the case for European governments to lay out a clear vision for a low-carbon economy. He argues for measures that include decarbonising the […]

New figures should prompt cautious optimism about shale gas

Many in the UK are optimistic about the prospects of exploiting shale gas, reserves of which the latest figures suggest are larger than previously thought. Samuela Bassi and Chris Duffy caution about being over-enthusiastic about the impact fracking will have on energy prices and jobs as only 4 per cent may be technically recoverable.  Long awaited government figures, showing that the […]

Is the Global Warming Policy Foundation complying with Charity Commission rules?

Bob Ward recently registered a complaint with the Charity Commission concerning the Global Warming Policy Foundation, a climate sceptic think tank founded by former Chancellor Nigel Lawson. In this article, he argues that the Foundation has persistently breached the Commission’s guidance on campaigning and political activity in a number of ways. On 12 June 2013, I completed an online form on […]

The burning hole at the heart of the G8 agenda. Why was climate change marginalised at the 2013 G8 summit?

David Cameron’s decision to not even mention the climate change challenge in the official G8 agenda has ruffled many feathers. Robert Falkner notes that the UK government now seems content to let others do the heavy lifting in support of a new global climate accord, despite its longstanding claim to a leadership role in climate politics. Leaving climate change off the agenda […]

The government’s planned compensation to households near new wind-farm developments may not be enough

The government this week announced a plan to compensate households near new wind-farm developments to incentivise them to accept them. Steve Gibbons, discussing provisional findings from on-going research, suggests that the level of compensation may not cover the costs involved. News yesterday morning suggests that communities near new wind-farm developments could be in for some form of compensation, through lower electricity […]

The new realities of climate change mean that we must pursue a ‘post-growth’ capitalism that is no longer reliant on consumption to lead economic recovery.

Western economies face a twin paradox of consumption: greater consumption may help us to get out of the current economic crisis, while at the same time, it is one of the main causes of climate change. Dan Bailey writes that we can no longer rely on consumption to be the guarantor of prosperity. He argues that political economists must now turn their […]