On Politics in Spires, Nayef Al-Rodhan explores the neurochemistry of power. “When withheld, power – like any highly addictive agent – produces cravings at the cellular level that generate strong behavioural opposition to giving it up.”

The reduction in happiness inequality that economic growth brings poses a challenge for the left, writes Chris Dillow on Stumbling and Mumbling. “If we believe that what matters most is people’s well-being, it suggests that the most important inequality should be addressed not by redistribution by simply by promoting growth.”

Victor Yanukovych

Victor Yanukovych: going through withdrawal
(Credit: Πρωθυπουργός της Ελλάδας)

On The Conversation, Michael Emerson argues that the UK’s absence at the table in negotiations over Ukraine signals is another sign in the erosion of its foreign clout.

On openDemocracy’s ourKingdom blog, Costas Lapavitsas argues that we must come to grips with how the growth of finance has transformed capitalism over the last several decades.

This week Standard Life, a large savings and investment company headquartered in Edinburgh, announced contingency plans were Scotland to vote for independence. On the Future of the UK and Scotland blog, Brad MacKay discusses how businesses deal with the uncertainty posed by the referendum.

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