So, how’s the final year going?

Well… it’s taken me a term to get blogging, is that enough of an answer?

The final year of a degree whirls up a mix of emotions. You realise how quickly things have happened. You realise that even though university can seem more play than hard work at times, actually you’ve developed into some form of real person along the way.

I feel like everyone this year has really revved up their engine workwise, whether that’s because a 1st is in sight, or they’re clinging onto the hope of a 2:1. Or, like me, it may have struck people that this could be the end of their higher education. No more exams, no more revision. Real work awaits.

(While a master’s isn’t financially easy, at least it offers some reassurance that, in case a job doesn’t appear, returning to education is not totally out of the question!)



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