Jonathan Birch is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method at the London School of Economics and Political Science, specializing in the philosophy of the biological and behavioural sciences.

His recent work mainly concerns the evolution and psychology of social behaviour, and he has a particular interest in the conceptual foundations of inclusive fitness theory. He has also published articles on innateness, signalling, teleology, self-locating belief and the ‘major evolutionary transitions’. He is currently working on his first monograph, The Philosophy of Social Evolution.

He completed his PhD at the University of Cambridge in 2013, and before coming to LSE he was a Junior Research Fellow at Christ’s College, Cambridge from 2012-14. In 2014 he was one of four UK philosophers honoured with a Philip Leverhulme Prize, which recognize ‘the achievement of outstanding researchers whose work has already attracted international recognition and whose future career is exceptionally promising’.


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