Patricia Fara/ Melissa Hines/ Cailin O’Connor

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6.30 – 8pm | Tuesday 27 September 2016
Sheikh Zayed Theatre, LSE

Patricia Fara, Affiliated Lecturer, Department of History and Philosophy of Science and Senior Tutor, Clare College, University of Cambridge
Melissa Hines, Professor of Psychology and Fellow of Churchill College, University of Cambridge
Cailin O’Connor, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of California, Irvine

Andrew Buskell, Fellow, Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method, LSE

Despite progress in recent decades, women remain under-represented in many areas of science. Why is this, and what can be done about it? How do the challenges faced by women in science today differ from those faced by previous generations? Does the neuroscience of sex differences show that science requires a ‘male brain’, or does it debunk that idea? And how might the structure and culture of science be improved to help the next generation of female scientists? Historian of science Patricia Fara, philosopher of science Cailin O’Connor, and neuroscientist Melissa Hines will discuss the past, present, and future challenges faced by women in science.

Image credit: Catherine Cronin, ‘Women in Science