Roy Meyers

Congress’ budget agreement must be seen as an effort in reputation repair

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On Thursday the House of Representatives voted to approve a budget bill that, once passed by the Senate, will avoid the threat of another government shutdown in 2014. Roy Meyers takes a close look at the deal, which includes some higher ceilings for appropriations over the next two financial years, as well as some minor savings. He argues that the […]

U.S. government shutdown ends – reaction from USApp experts, updated

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On Wednesday night Congress came to an agreement to end the US-government’s 16 day shutdown, and to raise the debt ceiling until at least early February. We asked our expert contributors for their immediate reactions to the agreement.  _ The political realities that brought about the government shutdown and the debt crisis have not changed – Joshua Huder – Georgetown University The […]

Congress should be a venue for deliberation and compromise over policy, but the shutdown shows that Washington’s budget process is broken.

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As we enter the second day of the U.S. government’s shutdown, many federal employees have been sent home from work without pay, and government contractors and grantees will also start to lose income. Roy Meyers looks at how the U.S government has reached this point, arguing that the Republican Party has not learned the lessons from the previous shutdowns of […]

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