Get your book reviewed

The LSE Review of Books has published over 1500 reviews since launching in April 2012, covering a diverse selection of the most exciting social science books.

If you are publishing an academic book in the social sciences or the humanities in the next 3 months we’d like to hear from you. Please email our managing editor, Rosemary Deller, at to discuss whether the book is suitable for review.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that your book will be reviewed. Although we try to match books with suitable reviewers as soon as possible, if after two months we have been unable to match your book we will be unable to give more time to match it. We are unable to return unmatched books. 

At this time we do not accept self-published books, think tank reports, and PhD theses. We do not review novels or fiction. We reserve the right to refuse any book that does not fall within our remit. 

We are also happy to hear from publishers and agents seeking to push out their latest social science releases. We have good relationships with over 25 publishing houses, so you will be amongst great company. To find out more information, please contact our managing editor, Rosemary Deller, at