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    ‘Too close to call’? Accounting for satisfaction with party leadership would have helped better predict the General Election

‘Too close to call’? Accounting for satisfaction with party leadership would have helped better predict the General Election

A good predictor of electoral outcomes over the past nine UK general elections has been survey questions asking about satisfaction with the leaders of the two main parties. That measure, however, combines responses from people who support the party and those who don’t. Here, Ruth Dixon explores leader satisfaction among party supporters as a way of measuring the level of ‘enthusiastic support.’ In 2015, these […]

Book Review: Opinion Polls and the Media: Reflecting and Shaping Public Opinion

Opinion Polls and the Media provides a comprehensive analysis of the relationship between the media, opinion polls, and public opinion. The contributors explore how the media use opinion polls in a range of countries across the world, and analyses the effects and uses of opinion polls by the public as well as political actors. Reviewed by Anthony Wells. Opinion Polls and the […]

There will be no general election in 2014. Cameron can’t risk giving Miliband the gravitas boost of being Prime Minister and throwing his own party into turmoil

Responding to Patrick’s Dunleavy’s contention earlier this week that a break-up of the coalition and a general election can be expected as soon as 2014, Mark Pack argues that David Cameron would actually be too worried about giving Ed Miliband an electoral fillip and an easy entry into Downing Street, which in turn could result in a Tory leadership coup […]

Even if the Liberal Democrats vote to oust the Conservatives before 2015 a new general election is still unlikely

Up until this parliament, the date of parliamentary elections could be set by the Prime Minister of the day; now as part of the coalition agreement, election dates are set for every 5 years. In spite of this new rule, Mark Pack looks at the ways that we might seen an election before 2015, and finds that given the current […]

Europe leaves Britain behind, In The Black Labour makes a splash, and inequality rises fast: round up of political blogs for 3 – 9 December

Avery Hancock, Danielle Moran, and Paul Rainford take a look at the week in political blogging.  Eurozone Crisis Jon Snow senses that Cameron is about to face a major backlash for his decision to give up the UK’s seat at Europe’s top table, as Conservative MPs tell their leader to “toughen up” in his dealings with Brussels. Tim Montgomerie at The Tory Diary looks at Britain’s options now that Europe has […]

New houses, unfair pay, and vegetarians eating kebabs: round up of political blogs for 19 – 25 November

Avery Hancock, Amy Mollett and Chris Gilson take a look at the week in political blogging  Housing strategy Left Futures discusses the government’s plans to build 450,000 new houses by 2015, which it claims could risk a sub-prime mortgage crisis in the future. However, The Coffee House believes there is some merit to the proposals, and Dave Hill notes that […]

Tories rebel on Europe, Labour drops below 40 per cent in the polls, and 50 years of PMQs: round up of political blogs for 22 – 28 October

Avery Hancock, Danielle Moran, and Paul Rainford take a look at the week in political blogging. EU Referendum vote At the weekend, Conservative Home’s Tim Montgomerie argues there won’t be an immediate referendum if Monday’s EU motion passes but that the move would strengthen the British hand in Europe. The Coffee House fears that Cameron’s response to the EU motion […]

Tories in a catflap, Ed shuffles his pack and a Plan BoE: round up of political blogs for 1-7 October

Danielle Moran, Paul Rainford and Avery Hancock take a look at the week in political blogging. Tory Party Conference The Tories’ conference kicked off in Manchester on Sunday with William Hague claiming that the formation of the Coalition has been vindicated, while Andrew Rawnsley finds the Foreign Secretary firm on the UK’s place within the EU, disappointing the party’s hard right. […]

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