This page shows a weekly updated list of the past week’s ten most popular blog posts by readership.

  1. Why a Trump self-pardon could leave him in the worst of all worlds – David Wise – 7 December

  2. How party polarization makes the legislative process even slower when government is divided. – Tyler Hughes and Deven Carlson – 19 May 2015

  3. How Black fraternities are actually harmful to Black culture in the US – Ali Chambers – 15 September 2017

  4. China and the US have a long history of cooperation on opioid control. The latest announcement is pure White House theatre. – John Collins – 5 December

  5. How social media is changing the way people commit crimes and police fight them. – Ray Surette – 28 January 2016

  6. Why California is so expensive: It’s not just the weather, it’s the regulation – Kristoffer (Kip) Jackson – 2 July 2016

  7. Films can have a major influence on how people view government. – Michelle C. Pautz – 12 March 2015

  8. Political parties shape public opinion, but their influence is limited. – Kevin J. Mullinix – 18 April 2017

  9. What do Republicans and Democrats think about climate change? It depends on where they live – Matto Mildenberger, Peter Howe, Jennifer Marlon, and Anthony Leiserowitz – 3 May

  10. Surprise! Christmas Spending Isn’t Good for the Economy – David Kyle Johnson – 27 November 2015