alan-profile-pic-1Many people think that migrants take jobs away from citizens, reduce wages or both. Others argue that immigrants benefit the economy because they take risks and start businesses.  In three short videos below Alan Manning explains how migration affects your job prospects, presents the data from the UK and the world, and gives insights on managing migration in light of this evidence. Ultimately, he argues that there is no inevitable negative effect of immigration on the quality of people’s lives in the UK.

This post represents the views of the author and not those of the Brexit blog, nor the LSE. It was first published at Migration Matters. Image creditTarun.real.

Alan Manning is Professor of Economics in the Department of Economics and Director of the Community Programme at the Centre for Economic Performance at LSE. His research generally covers labour markets, with a focus on imperfect competition (monopsony), minimum wages, job polarisation, immigration, and gender. On immigration, his interests expand beyond the economy to issues such as social housing, minority groups, and identity. Alan holds a DPhil in Economics from Oxford University. For more on Alan’s work, visit his personal website.

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