What’s wrong with the EU Settlement Scheme, and how to fix it

The EU Settlement Scheme has been touted as an easy route to Settled Status for EU migrants in the UK. But it has serious flaws. Barbara Drozdowicz (East European Resource Centre) explains how vulnerable applicants are being deterred from applying or exploited by ‘cowboy’ advisors.

In our work with disadvantaged and vulnerable EU migrants, the East European Resource Centre has […]

The EU’s institutional response to the Brexit vote

Angélica Szucko (University of Brasília) discusses the EU White Paper on the future of the union and analyses the institutional response to the Brexit vote. The EU has to tackle future challenges in a more flexible way than before and acknowledge that the integration model needs to be revisited.

The UK’s decision to leave the European Union – alongside the recent crises […]

Brexit: how both sides of the political divide have co-opted the ‘left behind’ North

There has been a tendency in British public discourse since the 2016 referendum on EU membership to identify the residents of Northern England as the principal “culprits” of the Brexit vote, writes Craig Berry (Manchester Metropolitan University). In truth, the North has been deliberately subjugated to the dominant economy of the south-east.

Given that, in a direct, immediate sense, it […]

Trying to stop Johnson proroguing Parliament would take time – which we don’t have

Proroguing Parliament to force a no-deal Brexit would not in itself bring about a constitutional crisis, writes Joelle Grogan (Middlesex University). But if Johnson ignores the will of Parliament, or if parliamentarians fight back with an alternative Parliament, it would. John Major and Gina Miller have said they will seek a judicial review if Boris Johnson tries to prorogue, […]

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    What history tells us about the challenges of post-Brexit immigration policy

What history tells us about the challenges of post-Brexit immigration policy

Jonathan Thomas outlines four key lessons from recent history to illuminate the potential consequences of the government’s proposed immigration system. He concludes that the ending of freedom of movement represents the start of a significant new challenge for the UK in managing not only immigration, but also the public’s concerns over it.

With the ending of freedom of movement to […]

If it wants to survive, the EU must think much more strategically

Europe needs to be far more ambitious if it is to challenge the dual hegemony of the United States and China. José Ignacio Torreblanca (European Council on Foreign Relations) calls for the EU to develop its strategic autonomy through boosting its security and diplomatic authority.
Europeans observe with great concern how the rivalry between the United States and China is […]

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    Long read | Labour’s Brexit capitulation is the end of Corbynism

Long read | Labour’s Brexit capitulation is the end of Corbynism

The Labour party’s recent Brexit capitulation is a betrayal of Labour supporters who voted Leave and were promised in the 2017 election that the party would respect the majority’s decision. It has also proven that the Labour Party cannot be used for genuinely transformative ends and it heralds the end of Corbynism as a political project, argues Lee Jones (QMUL).

The Labour […]

The Brexit Prime Minister? Assessing Theresa May’s legacy

Theresa May’s premiership exacerbated the political divides behind the ongoing breakdown of the Conservative-Labour duopoly of the party system, write Christopher Byrne (Leeds Beckett), Nick Randall (Newcastle University) and Kevin Theakston (University of Leeds).
The political obituaries that followed Theresa May’s decision to step down as Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative party were not kind. The Times’ assessment was […]

Why UK parties are starting to embrace Brexit-driven electoral pacts

The left-right dimension in UK politics is being replaced by a libertarian-authoritarian dimension which the first past the post system struggles to accommodate. Ian Simpson (Electoral Reform Society) looks at why the parties are scrambling to embrace Brexit-driven electoral pacts. 

During the first half of 2019, party affiliation among the British electorate became more fragmented and volatile than ever before. […]

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    Character versus competence – How would you choose between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt?

Character versus competence – How would you choose between Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt?

How would you choose Boris Johnson versus Jeremy Hunt? The July 9th live head-to-head debate on national television revealed the contrasting characters of the two candidates vying to become the leader of the UK’s ruling Conservative party, and hence, our next Prime Minister: optimism versus realism; big picture versus details; obfuscation versus precision; humour versus pointedness. Aside though from […]