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    Long read | Brexiteers might have succeeded, but Brexit will fail

Long read | Brexiteers might have succeeded, but Brexit will fail

After the conclusion of negotiations between the twenty-seven EU Member States and Boris Johnson’s government on the UK’s EU withdrawal agreement, Brexiteers seem to finally be on the verge of achieving their goal, writes Thierry Chopin (ESPOL/Bruges). But will Brexit succeed? Probably not, or else in its current form it will cause many losers, including those who voted to leave the […]

EU migration through the lens of inequality: how Britain shaped the unequal Europe it wants to leave

Lorenza Antonucci (University of Birmingham) and Simone Varriale (University of Lincoln) highlight the UK’s influence over EU supranational policies, and explain how Britain contributed to an unequal Europe.
In recent years, British progressives have faced the following conundrum: how can we defend the neoliberal dogma of free movement when Brexit has been the expression of a working class revolt (although this can be challenged) […]

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    We need to talk about A/B testing: Brexit, attack ads and the election campaign

We need to talk about A/B testing: Brexit, attack ads and the election campaign

With the general election a month away, how are the parties targeting voters on Facebook with messages about Brexit? Tristan Hotham (University of Bath) explains how A/B testing is being used to identify the most effective campaign themes.

Political parties using Facebook ads have a powerful capacity to hone their messages. Unlike in the past – where expensive and hard-to-organise […]

Europe is undergoing a democratic recession

All forms of democracy require renewal and adaptability; envisioning renewal requires an understanding of the complexity of the problem. Europe is undergoing a democratic recession which is at the heart of over a decade of multiple complex crises, Brexit being the latest in a string of setbacks, writes Rosa Balfour (German Marshall Fund).

By ‘democratic recession’ I mean to capture both […]

Remain or Leave, people should be able to vote for the party they want to see win

We should be scrutinising candidates and policies. Instead the talk is of tactical voting and electoral pacts. Brexit has thrown the deficiencies of our voting system into sharp relief, but this must be the last general election fought under first past the post, writes Ian Simpson (Electoral Reform Society). Introducing the single transferable vote would mean voters would feel […]

Money can’t buy love for Europe but success certainly can

What can the EU do in practice to build its own electoral support? To what extent can Euroscepticism be influenced by EU policies? Analysis of votes in the Brexit referendum suggests that money does not influence voters’ support for Europe, write Riccardo Crescenzi (LSE), Marco Di Cataldo (LSE/Ca’ Foscari University of Venice), and Mara Giua (Roma Tre University). It is […]

How John Stuart Mill can help tame ideological Brexit free-riders

In an ‘epistocracy’, only some people would be allowed to vote. Those who advocate this system have cited Brexit and Trump’s election as evidence that the franchise should be restricted to those who have sufficient ‘political knowledge’ to use it. Linsey McGoey (University of Essex) explains why, contrary to their claims, John Stuart Mill would not have endorsed this […]

November 9 is Remembrance Saturday 

November 9 is Remembrance Saturday, which commemorates the apex of the end of communism in Central-Eastern Europe, writes Charles Turner (University of Warwick). He explains that the Cold War was less a domestic affair than a conflict over geopolitical influence between superpowers whose systems were seen as fixed. He argues that the seemingly sudden deconstruction of the communist system had actually […]

Le Brexit? Bof! French attitudes to the UK’s departure

Do the French care about Brexit? Less than they did, according to Nathalie Duclos (University of Toulouse). Among pro-Europeans, Britain has long been regarded as holding back the European project; and Eurosceptics are keen to see the weakening of the Union.

“Donnez-moi un break…” That was Boris Johnson’s typically self-satisfied response to the accusation that it was anti-democratic to prorogue […]

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    Long read | Left and Right in never-ending opposition to European integration

Long read | Left and Right in never-ending opposition to European integration

Anti-Europeanism has long been a component of modern politics in Europe and it transcends the right and left, argues Denis MacShane in his latest book, Brexiternity. The Uncertain Fate of Britain. If we step back from the Brexit looking-glass, we can see that any form of European partnership or common purpose or sharing of some national sovereignty – to a greater or lesser […]