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Bethan Wilson

April 10th, 2019

LSE Volunteer of the Year 2019 Nominations: Part Two


Estimated reading time: 10 minutes

Bethan Wilson

April 10th, 2019

LSE Volunteer of the Year 2019 Nominations: Part Two


Estimated reading time: 10 minutes

We’re excited to reveal Part Two of the collection of nominations for LSE Volunteer of the Year 2019. Again, we are filled with pride to know that LSE students are volunteering across a range of causes, doing a variety of roles and making a noticeable impact for each organisation. Read Part One to make sure you’re up to date with all 38 of our nominations for the award and sit tight for the nominations for LSE Voluntary Organisation of the Year Award 2019.

Name: Georgina Connah
Course: BA History
Nominated by: Alex Selway, LSE Student
Opportunity student has been involved in: RAG Vice-President of Challenges, Teenage Cancer Trust and the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust

“Georgina has consistently contributed to volunteering throughout her time at LSE. This year in particular, she served as RAG’s Vice-President of Challenges, facilitating events such as Jailbreak and RAG Gets Lost for dozens of LSE students, as well as organising external challenges to Machu Picchu, Kilimanjaro etc. Georgina has facilitated fundraising and built a community of LSE student volunteers, raising money for RAG’s partner charities. She has also helped with numerous bucket collections for a variety of charities this year (BCN, SHP, Mind etc) as well as volunteering at the LSE DKMS swabbing drive. Outside of LSE, Georgina regularly volunteers with the Teenage Cancer Trust, devoting half a day a week to assist in their Head Office. She also volunteers every summer with the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust teaching young people how to sail. Georgina has made an outstanding contribution through her volunteering and is devoted to the variety of causes for which she volunteers.”


Name: Grace Yeo
Course: BSc in Politics and International Relations
Nominated by: Lucia Zaupa, Medair UK
Opportunity student has been involved in: Volunteer for Medair UK

“Grace is exceptionally knowledgeable and has a unique skill set which added great benefit in the Communications and Marketing activity of Medair UK. During her volunteering experience she carried out a wide range of activities while consistently maintaining high standards of quality and accuracy. She was willing to bring new idea and went out of her way to ask how she could help the team. She demonstrated commitment and flexibility offering for example to work remotely even after her placement officially ended. Grace always had a great and positive attitude, and she engaged well with the rest of the team and volunteers. She excelled in her role, exhibiting one of the highest levels of productivity I have seen in a young volunteer. Her combination of intelligence, commitment, perseverance, creativity, and a compassionate character will certainly make her a perfect candidate for the LSE Volunteer of the Year 2019. I encourage you to look favourably upon our nomination of Grace.”


Name: Inka Pearson
Course: BSc in Philosophy, Politics and Economics
Nominated by: Susan Hyttinen , LSE Student
Opportunity student has been involved in: Club Captain of  WFC

“I joined the WFC this year and I was welcomed with open arms, our Club Captain Inka leading the way. The WFC had its most successful season yet, finishing 3rd in the league after being promoted only last year. On top of keeping the club running, Inka helped us fundraise money for Football Beyond Borders through a tournament. It is clear that these achievements wouldn’t have been feasible without her. Inka’s volunteering has expanded beyond the WFC, her also being in the RAG Committee and just elected for the Trustee Board. Last summer, Inka did a trek in Peru for Action Against Hunger, raising over £3,000, and this December ran the 10k to raise money for Youth STOP AIDS. What I would like to emphasise most of all, however, is the dedication Inka puts into everything she does. A lot of work goes into making things happen; everyone plays a role, yet some people stand out as those without whom none of it would be possible. Inka’s definitely one of these people and that’s why she deserves the award.”


Name: Kate Shilina

Course: BSc in Mathematics and Economics
Nominated by: Natalya Sharapova, LSE Student
Opportunity student has been involved in: LSE Student Volunteering Ambassador

“I believe that this student deserves to be nominated and recognised as LSE Volunteer of the Year because she has been elected to become an LSE STudent Ambassador. Together with other volunteers, she helped to run and organise LSE Volunteering Week that helped to raise awareness about volunteering opportunities among LSE students. She has also participated in several volunteering programs and volunteered overseas.”


Name: Laura De Nuzzo
Course: MSc in Human Rights
Nominated by: Dr Theo Gavrielides, Culture and Art for Unity
Opportunity student has been involved in: Culture and Art for Unity Volunteer

“The volunteer has led on the CA4U project a children-led, community cohesion project in London. Laura helped to provide educational and recreational activities to marginalised children to create original, digital art that will bring local culture to life. The project aims to increase children’s integration into a developing London area, while bringing cultures and all ages together to debate the results of their art and what matters to them.”


Name:  Lauren Darwent
Course: BSc in Government and History
Nominated by: Madeleine Potter-Wood, Kamilia Rozlan & Lauren Darwent (LSE Students)
Opportunity student has been involved in: Secretary for LSE SU Student Action for Refugees (STAR), now incoming President; Secretary for LSE SU Amnesty International; Trustee for Student Action for Refugees (STAR); Online Bookshop Volunteer for Amnesty International UK (based at Books for Amnesty in Hammersmith)

“Lauren dedicates all of her time to these societies and without her they could not have achieved nearly as much as they have this year. She works tirelessly to promote the work they do amongst LSE students, and has been able to make people who would otherwise hardly care about human rights issues become engaged in their activities e.g. making economics and finance students attend STAR events and continuously challenging people to expand their world views. She has taken on so much responsibility within each of these societies but never complains, and her dedication inspires everyone else on the team. She is creative and has set up a number of new initiatives within the societies e.g. she is planning a conversation club with refugees next year, and she works closely with the national offices of both societies to make sure our work is supported and recognised. She is totally selfless in her work and I can’t think of anyone who deserves this award more.”

“She’s consistently, and wholeheartedly, given her energy and effort to realise events and programmes that are aimed at empowering individuals/groups. She regularly sits on the STAR Trustee Board to discuss STAR’s policies to be implemented nationwide, for the benefit of refugees and asylum seekers in the UK. In LSESU STAR, she’s been an excellent Secretary and has often gone beyond her role. Alongside the Director of LSESU STAR’s Refugee Week 2019, she led the organisation and execution of this week-long event which raised awareness of issues surrounding refugees, and which fundraised over £1,000 for STAR National (the charity, not the LSESU society!). Alongside all of this, she’s also been the Secretary of LSESU Amnesty International, helping to organise and lead events in that society, all of which are human rights-focused. She’s given so much of her energy, passion, and time into these commendable causes throughout the year. If anyone deserves this award, it’d be her!”

“As Secretary for LSESU STAR, led on the administrative side. Led the committee organising LSESU STAR Refugee Week 2019. Explored uncertainties faced by refugees and asylum seekers through panels, art exhibition, and more. Raised £1,062 for STAR, the national charity of 27000 students welcoming refugees to the UK, through ‘Rave for Refugees’ and bake sales.  As Secretary for LSE SU Amnesty, took meeting minutes, sent weekly emails, and completed events forms. Organised ‘Run for Refugees’ in Oct 2018, raising £615 for Help Refugees. Ran the first Pan-London Write for Rights event in Dec 2018. Over 100 solidarity cards were sent to women human rights defenders. Run ‘Books for Amnesty’ Amazon Seller account. Keep record of 1,000 books as listed, sold or dispatched. Raised £5,000 for Amnesty International UK in 2018. Elected STAR Trustee at National Conference/AGM in Nov 2018. Role includes making sure STAR students’ views are at the heart of Board decisions (and much more!)”


Name: Maddie Legemah
Course: BSc in Economic History
Nominated by: Harriet Bradshaw-Smith, ReachOut
Opportunity student has been involved in: Volunteer Mentor

“Maddie joined ReachOut in October, and has volunteered on a challenging project where the young people have additional behavioural needs and require strong and capable mentors. From the get go, Maddie has been an invaluable member of the project, assisting with the smooth running of the session and supporting the project leader by supporting a number of mentees and her fellow mentors. Maddie has embodied ReachOut’s character strengths and has helped her mentees embrace them too. If all students were half as reliable, passionate and committed as Maddie, and volunteered a few hours here and there, then the world’s problems would have halved! A big thank you to Maddie for being such a brilliant mentor.”


Name: Mahnoor Waqar
Course: LLM
Nominated by: Vishal Aggarwal, Amani Perera, Tehreem Fatima, Hyunso OH, Asad Khan & Rohma Habib (LSE Students)
Opportunity student has been involved in: Lewisham Refugee and Migrant Network

“Mahnoor has actively sought to volunteer as well as keep up to date with her studies. The pressing commitment of her LLM degree has not deterred her from pursuing her passion of helping people out and she diligently volunteers at the Lewisham Refugee and Migrant Network every week, also inspiring us with the hard work and effort she puts into the work she is doing there. She also tries to engage with the refugees on a personal level and often narrates their stories to us, making it evident that she is personally invested in the work that she is doing.  The workload of her specialisation of International Business Law does not dissuade her, and she often says that volunteering is a way for her to realise the immense position of privilege we have at LSE.”

“Mahnoor has always been interested in helping other people and she showed her commitment by volunteering this Lent Term 1-2 times a week. Despite her busy schedule, she was able to make time to help Lewisham Refugee and Migrant Network and did so happily. In addition to the case work she did, she also helped Lewisham Refugee and Migrant Network with bake sales and awareness campaigns. Mahnoor has always shown to be a strong believer in the benefits of awareness campaigns and did so among our peers and classmates as well.”


Name: Natalya Sharapova

Course: LLB
Nominated by: Natalya Sharapova, LSE Student
Opportunity student has been involved in: LSE Volunteering Ambassador

“I’m nominating this person because she has participated in several volunteering projects during this year. She was elected to become an LSE Student Ambassador. Together with other volunteers, she helped to facilitate and run LSE Volunteering Week and Volunteering fairs. This year she has also volunteered at Russian Film Week 2018, acting as executive director helper she worked on the organisation of opening and closing ceremonies that were attended by more than 500 guests. She also helped with The Fabulous Fund Fair organised by Naked Heart Foundation; the event raised more than 500k.”


Name: Nik Roovers
Course:  BSc in International Relations
Nominated by: Susie Ward, LSE Student Wellbeing
Opportunity student has been involved in: LSE Peer Supporter

“Nik has been a peer supporter this year as well as a student academic mentor, goes out of his way to speak to people and make them feel welcome. He has also been a trooper online promoting the peer support scheme via social media, and trying to balance out some of the very negative comments on the #LSELove FB group, which is a remarkable and worrying misnomer.”


Name: Regina Legarte
Course: BA in Social Anthropology
Nominated by: Helen Watson, Body & Soul and Susie Ward, LSE Student Wellbeing
Opportunity student has been involved in: Volunteering at Body & Soul and LSE Peer Supporter

“Regina started her journey with Body & Soul as an intern in June-18, prospecting corporate partnerships for our charity and researching themes in young people’s lives (e.g. loneliness, suicide). From the get-go, Regina went above and beyond, to not only support the work of our fundraising team but also our Children’s Centre by planning and delivering weekly music sessions with our 3-9-year-olds living with HIV, teaching them to explore emotions through singing and playing instruments. At the end of her internship (September-18), Regina continued to offer her time and skills to Body & Soul in a voluntary capacity. Regina deserves to be recognised through this award because her work has enabled us to (1) explore an array of funding opportunities previously untapped by our charity; (2) evidence the impact of our work transforming lives in our Children’s Centre; and (3) build a strong foundation of research to support our current and future funding applications.”

“Regina has been a peer supporter for the last two years, as well as being involved in many other positive initiatives across the LSE.  She came to the peer support training with empathy and an appreciation for other people’s experience already, totally open to whatever else she could learn from the peer support scheme.  Her quiet independence, her willingness to show up, and unerring support for others and the scheme has been humbling to witness, and I know she will go far in whatever she chooses to do. For me, Regina exhibits by her actions her commitment to the reason why LSE was first set up “for the betterment of society” and it has been a privilege to work with her.”


Name: Sam Rippon
Course: BSc in Government and History
Nominated by: Calvin Kong, LSE Student
Opportunity student has been involved in: Several productions, including Sweeney Todd Musical

“Sam has been involved not only in principle acting roles within productions, such as Sweeney Todd and The 39 Steps but also gone above and beyond the call of duty, ending up undertaking many other production roles, such as set design, lighting plots, mic plots, costumes as well as general running round to source various components that have to come together to be able to deliver productions for LSE to enjoy. In particular for Sweeney Todd, the best-selling musical in LSE history, Sam did vast amounts of extra work above having to learn his lines, songs and harmonies as a Principle role, even going so far as to help Assistant Direct a couple of scenes in order to take the stress off our Director. These are all extremely stress-inducing things, really summed up when we were sawing, drilling and painting wood on the morning of opening night. Not to mention Sam also being president of Drama Soc. An admirable man indeed. Everybody’s efforts would have been wasted if it weren’t for him.”


Name: Sean Chou

Course: BA in Social Anthropology
Nominated by: Sean Chou, LSE Student
Opportunity student has been involved in:  SEE-ME Programme, The Wonder Foundation, LSESU Amnesty International Society.

“Writing on behalf of myself, I believe that I deserve to be LSE Volunteer of the Year because I have put in time and energy into volunteering for projects I really believe in. I volunteered with the Wonder Foundation to deliver the SEE ME Programme, about raising awareness about modern slavery and taking action to campaign against it. As part of this programme, I made my own campaign project aimed at raising awareness at local government and got to make a speech about my findings at Parliament, to urge MPs to take action. My guest blog about this was featured in the LSE Volunteer Centre blog. I have also volunteered within the LSE SU Amnesty International Society. I helped to organise events like Run for Refugees with other societies which raised money towards refugees in Calais with the charity Help Refugees. In my role as peer supporter, I have also taken part in doing stalls and providing a listening service to raise awareness of the importance of mental health issues”


Name: Sean Chou & Stella Sarmias
Course: BA in Social Anthropology and BSc in Management (respectively)
Nominated by: David Coles, LSE Volunteer Centre
Opportunity student has been involved inSEE-ME Programme, The Wonder Foundation 

“Stella and Sean have done an incredible job of campaigning against modern day slavery in the UK and further afield during this academic year. Working in partnership with The Wonder Foundation they quickly understood the importance of this issue and took time to understand the best ways that they could make a difference. Their efforts culminated with them presenting to MPs, of all parties, in the House of Commons with clear actions that law-makers could take to improve the lives of so many.

They didn’t just take time to speak to those in power but looked to educate the LSE community through blogs and hosting stalls on campus, whatever the weather. They’ve also been passionate campaigners for the rights of refugees and other suffering from their human rights being attacked. They’ve always looks to encourage others to join their work and they deserve recognition for the difference that they’ve made”


Name:  Sophia Okukenu
Course: BA in History
Nominated by: Jemma Callue, Octavia Foundation
Opportunity student has been involved in:  Community Befriending Volunteer

“Sophia has been a delight to have as a volunteer, making a positive impact to our Coffee Mornings. Her proactive nature has enabled the Coffee Mornings to run smoothly and successfully. Her duties have been carried out to the highest standard, meaning I could rely on Sophia to engage the group if I needed to deal with any other issues. During Sophia’s time volunteering, there was a switch over period between interns running the Coffee Morning. Sophia’s reliability allowed for a smooth transition. Her attendance comforted the Service Users as they had her as a constant and her affability allowed her to connect with them well, with the group often saying how much they missed her if she was unable to attend. She also helped me during this time to feel more at ease as I knew she was dependable. Her dedication was also very apparent in her approach to personal development. Sophia sought to improve her abilities, meaning we were aware of this and could provide different resources to help.”


Name: Thomas Yau
Course: LLB
Nominated by: Anthony Mensah, Literacy Pirates
Opportunity student has been involved in: Volunteer Crewmate

“Thomas has stood out among our nearly 600 strong volunteer base. We can look forward to his calming manner in which he works with different children as well as displaying a real passion for supporting the young community in Hackney. As we expand as a charity, we can continually look to volunteers that display characteristics like Thomas does in session. We really appreciate the different techniques that he uses when working with different kinds of children in the programme, from reading styles to supporting children who are less enthusiastic about writing.”


Name: Zuhayr Seedat
Course: BSc in Mathematics with Economics
Nominated by: Angharad Thain,  LSE Faith Centre
Opportunity student has been involved in: LSESU Islamic Society President

“The LSESU Islamic Society has had one of its most successful years under the vision and leadership of Zuhayr. This has included: events in Freshers’ Week; Black History Month; Charity Week (raising an unprecedented £52,222); organising on campus committee training facilitated by the Muslim Youth Helpline; a series of women’s careers events on Muslim Women in Civil Service, Finance and Consulting; the Islamic Society’s first ever GIVE week with blood donation drive, elderly care home visit, staff appreciation day and a panel event on changing perceptions on homelessness; Islamophobia Awareness Week and Discover Islam Week including interfaith netball, mosque visits and talks. This has culminated in LSESU Islamic Society being nominated for Best Cultural and Faith Society at the NUS Awards this year. Zuhayr is kind, visionary, hugely conscientious and has been a privilege to work with this year. This would not have been possible without his leadership and the work of the rest of the Islamic Society committee.”



It’s great to recognise all of the work our brilliant student volunteers do, however, we also want to celebrate the amazing Voluntary Organisations that we work with! We’ve got more than 200+ ongoing opportunities on CareerHub so make sure you search them for further volunteering information. You can also book a one-to-one with David Coles, the Volunteer Centre Manager, if you have more questions. And why not follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram to stay up-to-date with our events and opportunities and read our blog for more volunteering tips and stories.


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