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LSE ERC\MASSIVE team & Blog Editorial Board

david_teamDavid Arnold

Research Assistant, LSE – Blog Managing Editor

riccardo_teamRiccardo Crescenzi 

Prof. of Economic Geography, LSE – Principal Investigator & Blog Editor

marco_teamMarco Di Cataldo

Post-Doctoral Researcher, LSE

arnaud_teamArnaud Dyèvre 

Research Officer, LSE – Blog Managing Editor

roberto_teamRoberto Ganau 

Post-Doctoral Researcher, LSE

Lee Mager

Blog Managing Editor

simona_teamSimona Iammarino

Professor of Economic Geography, LSE – Co-investigator

alex_teamAlexander Jaax

Fellow in Local Economic Development, LSE

serio_teamSergio Petralia

Post-Doctoral Researcher, LSE


External ERC team members & blog lead contributors

vito_teamVito Amendolagine 

Research Fellow, Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Pavia

nicola_teamNicola Cortinovis 

Assistant Professor of Industrial and Regional Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam

mara_teamMara Giua

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Department of Economics, Roma Tre University

matte_teamMatte Hartog 

Growth Lab Fellow, CID, Harvard Kennedy School

nicola_teamNicola Limodio

LSE ERC Research Officer, currently at Bocconi University


frank_teamFrank Neffke 

Senior Research Fellow, CID, Harvard Kennedy School


roberta_teamRoberta Rabellotti 

Professor of Economics, Department of Social and Political Studies, Università di Pavia



Jose Pfaffmann-Fiori Research Assistant (2015/2016), LSE

Andres Sanabria Martinez Research Assistant (2015/2016), LSE

Jair Cabrera Padilla Research Assistant (2015/2016), LSE

Harnessing Global Value Chains for Regional Development

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