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We publicise three sorts of events:

  • Academic events actively involving the research team members such as conferences, seminars, and discussions with policymakers and business leaders. These events are listed below under the Past and Forthcoming headings below.
  • Community gatherings, whose main takeaways are summarised in blog posts. Large academic conferences and reunions with students or colleagues will fall in this category. Blog posts about them are short and to the point.
  • We will also advertise relevant external events on our social media channels.

Past events

Forthcoming events

Spreading the word about your event

We like to publicise all events relevant to the blog’s community, and we are particularly interested in all events happening outside of the realm of the blog (but related to its mission!). Such events include the publication of an article about globalisation and development on an LSE sister-blog, an award given to a policymaker, a business leader or an academic whose work is meaningful to our community, or the broadcast of an interesting podcast. If you would like us to raise awareness about what you are doing, please send us an email at We will use our social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin) to spread the word.

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