These short videos offer an introduction to the role of foreign investment and global connectivity in shaping the global economy.

Investments are going to all corners of the world, with developing economies becoming ever more integrated into global investment flows. But the world is not flat and certain places receive much more investments than others. This inequality has profound consequences on the development path of regions, as investments have the potential of transferring skills, capital and ideas. The research of the GILD team explores the economic and political aspects of global investment flows.

When Globalisation Gets Local:Winners and Losers – An Overview of the key issue

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Why do some places attract lots of multinationals and others get none? – Location of Global Investments

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Coming soon – videos on local impacts of global investments and on the role of public policies

Over the next few months, we will release two more videos about the research of the GILD team. They will discuss new research on how foreign direct investments impact host regions and the role of public policies in shaping global investment flows.

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