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A Wealth of Ideas: Economics and LSE

2 May – 25 August 2017

Economics and discussions over its definition, purpose and influence are woven into the fabric of LSE. Debates over economics continue to inspire, enrage and engage those who visit the School both to learn and teach.

LSE’s reputation as a global leader in economics teaching and research has been built upon many decades of work, taking in many differences of approach and opinion. Renowned figures from the School’s story such as Lionel Robbins, Friedrich Hayek and Sir Anthony Atkinson have all moulded ideas that have had an impact not only within the realms of academia but also at a wider societal level.

A Wealth of Ideas: Economics and LSE draws upon LSE Library’s holdings of rare books and archives demonstrating the contributions made by those who have played a role in shaping these debates. The exhibition features some of the library’s rarest books including a first edition of David Ricardo’s On the Principle of Political Economy and Taxation, first published 200 years ago. A number of other significant texts tracing economic thought in Britain have also been chosen for display, including those by Adam Smith and Karl Marx.

The story of the School’s Economics Department – from its earliest days to its most recent Nobel Prize recipients (via an ingenious hydraulic model of the economy) – is also told thanks to papers held in our archives.

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