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Podcasts of the latest LSE lectures and events:


Department of Sociology Public Lecture (#LSElife)

The Life ProjectThe Life Project: The Extraordinary Story of 70,000 Ordinary Lives 

Speaker: Dr Helen Pearson




mugabeismLSE Africa Talks Public Lecture (#LSEAfrica)

‘Rhodes Must Fall’: South African Universities as Sites of Struggle

Speaker: Professor Sabelo Ndlovu-Gatsheni



LSE Arts and Cañada Blanch Centre Public Conversation (#LSEMarias)

Thus Bad BeginsThus Bad Begins: A Conversation with Javier Marias

Speaker: Javier Marías




LSE Centre for the Study of Human Rights and KCL Yeo Tiong Lay Centre for Politics, Philosophy and Law Public lecture (#LSEbloodoil)

Blood OilBlood Oil: Tyrants, Violence and the Rules That Run the World

Speaker:  Professor Leif Wenar





Separate and DominateLSE Gender Institute and Feminist Review Public Dialogue (#LSEtalksGender)

Feminism in Transnational Times: A Conversation with Christine Delphy 

Speakers: Professor Christine Delphy and Professor Sylvie Tissot


Comrade CorbynBritish Government @ LSE Public Lecture (#LSECorbyn)

Comrade Corbyn: A Very Unlikely Coup (Biteback, 2016)

Speaker: Rosa Prince

Chair: Professor Paul Kelly


Empire of ThingsDepartment of International History Public Lecture (#LSEthings)

Empire of Things: How We Became a World of Consumers, from the Fifteenth Century to the Twenty-First (Allen Lane, 2016)

Speaker: Professor Frank Trentmann

Chair: Professor Janet Hartley

LSE Public Lecture (#LSELondon)

THis is LondonThis is London: Life and Death in the World City (Picador, 2016)

Speaker: Ben Judah




United States Centre Public Lecture (#LSEUS)

Curency PoliticsLessons for the Euro from America’s Past

Speaker:  Professor Jeffry Frieden
Chair: Professor Peter Trubowitz



LSE Public Lecture (#LSEpunks)

Business for PunksBusiness for Punks (Portfolio Penguin, 2015)

Speaker: James Watt



Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science Public Lecture (#LSEevomed)

Body by DarwinBody By Darwin: How Evolution Shapes Our Health and Transforms Medicine (University of Chicago Press, 2015)

Speaker:  Jeremy Taylor


Department of Media and Communications Public Lecture (#LSESchudson)

The Rise of the Right to KnowExpectations of Openness in an Age of Secrecy: Where the ‘Right to Know’ Comes From

The Rise of the Right to Know: Politics and the Culture of Transparency, 1945–1975 (Harvard UP, 2015)

Speaker:  Professor Michael Schudson
Chair: Professor Nick Couldry

Department of Management Public Lecture (#LSEgoodday)

How to Have a Good DayHow to Have a Good Day (Crown 2016)

Speaker: Caroline Webb



Autumn 2015:

Department of Sociology and International Inequalities Institute Public Lecture (#LSEclass)

Social Class, Mike SavageSocial Class in the 21st Century (Pelican, 2015)

Speakers: Dr Niall Cunningham, Professor Fiona Devine, Dr Sam Friedman, Dr Daniel Laurison, Dr Lisa McKenzie, Dr Andrew Miles, Professor Mike Savage, Dr Helene Snee, Dr Paul Wakeling
Chair: Professor Nicola Lacey


Dahrendorf Forum, International Relations and LSE IDEAS Public Lecture (#LSEDahrendorf)

Russia's Foreign PolicyRussia’s Foreign Policy: Ideas, Domestic Politics and External Relations (Palgrave, 2015)

Speaker: Dr Dmitri Trenin
Chair:  Professor Michael Cox


South Asia Centre Public Conversation: In Conversation with Amartya Sen (#LSESen)

Events 3The Country of First Boys (Oxford University Press, 2015)
Speaker: Professor Amartya Sen
Chair: Professor Lord Stern



British Government @ LSE Public Lecture (#LSEThatcher)

Events 4Margaret Thatcher: The Authorized Biography, Volume Two: Everything She Wants (Allen Lane, 2015)
Speaker: Charles Moore



Department of Economics and Centre for Macroeconomics Public Lecture (#LSEecon)

Events 5Phishing for Phools: The Economics of Manipulation and Deception (Princeton University Press, 2015)
Speaker: Professor Robert J. Shiller



Ralph Miliband Programme ‘Progress and its Discontents’ Public Lecture (#LSEGeorge)

Events 6Shadow Sovereigns: How Global Corporations Are Seizing Power (Polity, 2015)
Speaker:  Dr Susan George
Chair:  Dr Robin Archer



Department of Economics and Centre for Macroeconomics Public Lecture (#LSEGDP)

GDPGDP: A Brief but Affectionate History (Princeton University Press, 2014)
Speaker:  Professor Diane Coyle




 ‘Enough!’ Will Youth Protests Drive Political Change in Africa?: Africa Talks Public Lecture (#LSEAfrica)

Youth and Rev in TunisiaThe Time of Youth: Work, Politics and Social Change in Africa (Kumarian Press, 2012) and Youth and Revolution in Tunisia (Zed Books, 2013)
Speaker: Professor Alcinda Honwana



LSE Institute of Global Affairs Public Lecture (#LSEMason)

Events 8Postcapitalism: A Guide to our Future (Allen Lane, 2015)
Speaker: Paul Mason
Chair: Professor Erik Berglof



Department of Media and Communications Public Lecture (#LSEcreative)

9781137478870.inddThe Creative Economy: Invention of a Global Orthodoxy
Speaker: Professor Philip Schlesinger
Respondents: Professor Angela McRobbie, Professor Jonothan Neelands
Chair: Professor Robin Mansell



Department of Management Public Lecture (#LSESusskind)

Events 10The Future of the Professions: How Technology will Transform the Work of Human Experts (Oxford University Press, 2015)
Speakers: Daniel Susskind, Professor Richard Susskind
Chair:  Dr Carsten Sørensen


LSE Business Review Public Discussion (#LSEbusiness)

After the StormHow Can the UK Improve Productivity and Still Build the Workforce?

This event marks the official launch of the LSE Business Review blog by bringing together a panel of prominent economists to discuss productivity, the UK’s economic future and the road ahead.

Speakers: Vince Cable, Professor Diane Coyle, Bronwyn Curtis, Anna Leach
Chair: Professor John Van Reenen

Department of International Relations Public Conversation (#LSEUkraine)

In WartimeIn Wartime: Stories from Ukraine (Allen Lane, 2015)

Speaker: Tim Judah
Chair: Robert Cooper



LSE IDEAS Public Lecture (#LSEMorris)

ForagersEach Age Gets the Great Powers It Needs: 20,000 Years of International Relations

Speaker: Professor Ian Morris
Chair:  Professor Michael Cox



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