Karina Moxon (Editor-in-Chief) on behalf of the UPR team

The LSE Undergraduate Political Review is excited to announce the publication of the second UPR Journal, featuring extensive research pieces from undergraduate students of Princeton University, Durham University, King’s College London and the LSE.

Consistent with the goals of the UPR, this year’s Journal again covers important and topical political issues, ranging from the effect of refugees on voting behaviour, China’s aid and influence in Sub-Saharan Africa, a political theory perspective on Catalan Independence, Putin’s rhetoric as a leadership tool, the fragility of the nation-state in the Middle East, and Sweden’s lessons for the Trump administration in dealing with migrants.

To view the Journal, please visit this page.

On behalf of the UPR, I would like to extend our thanks to the authors of this year’s edition – Hanna Folsz, Leticia Jin Bei, Sarah Sakha, Uygar Baspehlivan, Rory Gillis, Eponine Howarth, Chloe Liu, Ludovico Picciotto and Facundo Rodriguez and Philipp Ershov – for contributing their work to the Journal.

Also many thanks to the team of associate editors – Helen Ainsley, Naomi Potter, Cristiana Wu, Merlin Krzemien and Will Smith – for their time in editing the pieces.

This publication marks the end of the academic year and the 2018-9 UPR team, who are to be replaced with an excellent new team, headed by incoming Editor-in-Chief Adam Hudson. They will carry the UPR into its fifth year and continue its aims to promote, encourage and facilitate undergraduate engagement with political research.

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