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    Turkish Policy in Syria and ‘Zero Problems With Neighbours’

Turkish Policy in Syria and ‘Zero Problems With Neighbours’

by Bugra Susler

The “zero problems with neighbours” policy, once presented as a solution to Turkey’s foreign policy problems, is now mocked as “zero friends” policy, as Turkey’s relationship with several of its neighbours has significantly deteriorated. When considering what went wrong with the policy, it is essential to take into account the failure of Turkish policy makers to anticipate […]

Did Turkey’s parties care about the Gezi Protests?

by Jonas Bergan Draege
The 2013 Gezi Protests were by far the biggest wave of demonstrations in Turkey’s modern history. In this post I assess the extent and ways in which the country’s political parties responded to the protests. The analysis indicates that the three opposition parties all gave quite a lot of attention to the movement, and even supported […]

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The Declining Health of Turkish Democracy

by Zeynep Kaya

Undoubtedly the recent general election in Turkey represents another step in the Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) seemingly unstoppable domination of Turkish politics, with results only further consolidating its push towards electoral authoritarianism. What is less appreciated, however, is the fact that the reasons for the AKP’s authoritarian dominance lie just as much in the historical weaknesses […]

Is the AKP Bad News for Turkey?

by Nathaniel Handy
This piece was originally published on Fair Observer on 4 November 2015.

A decisive mandate to govern should give the Turkish government pause to consider what it could achieve.

Two dominant themes in global media coverage have accompanied the landslide victory by the Justice and Development Party (AKP) in the Turkish general election of 1 November. The first is […]

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    Knowing How to Win: Explaining the AKP’s Electoral Victory

Knowing How to Win: Explaining the AKP’s Electoral Victory

by Deniz Çifçi

Turkey once again went to polling stations on 1 November, just six months after the 7 June elections. This was very unusual considering Turkey’s election history. The initial elections of June ended the Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) twelve-year single-party government, even though it received 40.87% of the votes. Such a fall was one of the most shocking […]

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