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Past British Government @ LSE Events

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Where should we put Britain’s hub airport(s)?Tony Travers, Paul Kehoe, Bridget Rosewell, Colin Matthews, and Roger Vickerman
Patrick Dunleavy: Reappraising Political Power
Charlie Beckett: Political communications in the age of austerity
Julian LeGrand: Nudge Theory and the Nanny State
Nick Robinson Live from Downing Street: The inside story of power, politics and the media
Health of our Institutions Today: Independent Police Complaints Commission: Dame Anne Owers.
A Life In Politics: Ken Livingstone
A Life In Politics: Shirley Williams 
Mark Hoban: Britain’s Labour Market: Confounding The Sceptics
Nationalism and Transnational History: Professor John Breuilly, Dr Faisal Devji, Dr Mark Hewitson
Book Launch: Charles Moore: Margaret Thatcher- Not For Turning


Alan Beith: The Work of the Select Committees
Jonathan Sumption: Foreign Policy in the UK Courts
Martin McGuinness: The Future of the Union: Northern Ireland~
Sir Gus O’Donnell: The Civil Service
British Government @ LSE and Fawcett Society pre-election mayoral debate: What About Women?
BritGov debate: Will Competition Improve the NHS?
Alistair Darling: The British Economy – Past and Future
Alex Salmond: Independence and Responsibility: the future of Scotland
Peter Hain MP: Outside In – in Conversation with Peter Hain
Bernard Jenkin MP: The Work of the Public Administration Select Committee
Liam Byrne MP: How Labour’s Traditions can Renew Beveridge for the 21st Century
Bernard Hogan-Howe: Total Policing – The Future of Policing in London
Cheryl Schonhardt-Bailey: Monetary Policy and the Financial Crisis 2006-2009.
Conor Gearty, Francesca Klug and Michael Pinto-Duschinsky:  European Rights vs Bill of Rights
Rt Hon Stephen Dorrell MP: Health
Adam Oliver: Behavioural economics


John Whittingdale OBE MP: The Work of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee
Robin Harris: Conservative Leadership – What Works, and What Doesn’t
Keith Vaz MP: The Work of the Home Affairs Select Committee
William J. BrattonA More Secure World – From Neighbourhood to Globe
Nick Clegg MP: The Road to Recovery: what can government do in the current economic crisis?
BritGov debate: The future of the House of Lords
BritGov debate:‘The Big Society and the Good Society’: rethinking the role of the state in British society
Vernon Bogdanor: The Coalition and the Constitution
BritGov debate: Should we say Yes to AV?
David Miliband MP: Why is the European Left Losing Elections?
BritGov debate: To Cut or not to Cut; Is that the question? Debating the Comprehensive Spending Review
Harriet Harman QC, MP: Growing the aid budget at a time of deficit reduction: moral imperative and political challenge
Margaret Hodge MP: Accountability in the Age of Austerity

Roger Scruton and Daniel Finkelstein: Are the New Conservatives conservative?
Polly Toynbee and David Walker: The Verdict – Did Labour change Britain?
Anthony Seldon: Brown at 10


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