London 2012 – Olympic Series

Introducing our latest eCollection: 2012 London Olympics

British Politics and Policy at LSE ran a series on the 2012 Olympics. This eCollection is a select sample of some of the most interesting posts from that series. Access to the full spectrum of articles on this theme is available here. The London 2012 Olympic Games were an acclaimed success for both their sporting achievements and also for overcoming serious pessimism […]

Differences between the Olympic and Paralympic medal tables may tell us something about the presence and activity of Paralympic associations in each country

Valentino Larcinese compares Olympic and Paralympic performances for countries in order to try and reflect the difference in attention and resources devoted to individuals with disabilities relative to others.   With the closing ceremony of the Paralympics, the inspiring summer of London 2012 is now over. Although Olympics and Paralympics should represent an opportunity to go beyond national boundaries, in the end the […]

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The Paralympics have the power to change attitudes towards disabled people

Richard Hawkes argues that the Paralympics, by allowing for greater visibility, presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to stop and reverse the deterioration of attitudes towards disabled people. The Paralympic Games are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change the way society views disability. In the run up to the Games, the disability charity Scope wanted to do a temperature check, looking at attitudes toward disabled people. Shockingly, almost half of disabled […]

The London Olympics catalysed the ‘Great Leap Eastwards’ but will its proposed legacy actually deliver?

The 2012 Paralympic Games have allowed Britons to revisit the euphoria of the Olympics, but the Games’ uncertain ‘legacy’ still loom over Stratford. When the area is no longer filled with the buzz of world-class athletes and excited fans, will the benefits promised to East London ever come to fruition?  Ahead of our ecollection on the topic, we present the […]

Book Review: Why the Olympics Aren’t Good for Us, And How They Can Be

Sports activist and writer Mark Perryman presents a sharply critical take on the way the  London Olympic Games have been organized, and provides what he sees as a blueprint for how they could be improved. The London Olympics have been promoted as of great benefit for the host city and nation, but will they deliver on legacy and sustainability promises? Rebecca […]

What the Olympics didn’t say about Britain’s place in the world

Danny Boyle’s Olympic opening ceremony left the British media swooning, with much of the international media likewise impressed, if slightly befuddled. However, Eric Taylor Woods argues that the event organisers missed a chance to show the positive and negative aspects of Britain’s central role in world history. Since the conclusion of the 2012 London Olympics, much has been written about what this […]

The Olympics have been a resounding success. But with a continuing gloomy economic outlook the glow will fade quickly

Tony Travers doesn’t believe the warm post-Olympic feeling will last. By October the economic and political realities will again be acutely felt. The London 2012 Olympics are, now they have been judged a success, seen as having political meaning. Once it became clear that potential obstacles such as security, transport and the weather had been overcome, Britain was able to bask in […]

A memorable Olympic Games has given us the opportunity to reflect on London as a city of immigration

The last two weeks have allowed the nation to celebrate the success of its capital in welcoming the world to London. Don Flynn argues that a big part of the reason why it could do this was because the world was already there.   Two thoughts occur to me about the Olympic experience we’ve all just gone through over the past few […]