US Election

A Latecomer To Political Protest

By Sian Lewin – @SianLewin

On Monday 30th January, I was compelled to do something I had never done before. I went to Downing Street to protest against the Trump travel ban and the apparent appeasement of the new White House incumbent by Prime Minister Teresa May. Despite my upbringing by a Spare Rib reading, feminist mother and a liberal, […]

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2016: The Death of the Left

By Ronda Daniel – @rondaemily_

2016 is notoriously regarded as a year of death and sadness. Donald Trump became the President-elect of the United States of America, Britain voted to leave the EU, and the government signed off social housing and called for further benefit cuts.

Who is to blame for these events? I argue that the failure of the left […]

“It was 2016 that done it, guv!”

By Lisa McKenzie – @redrumlisa

Few will be sad to see the back of 2016, as it reaches its finale. This rotation by the Earth around the sun is apparently to blame for the tectonic shifts in our social and political systems, celebrity deaths, and the general unease we all feel about the next few years. As a sociologist, I have watched […]

Trump and Brexit: beyond ‘why Trump won’

By Monika Krause, LSE

Monika Krause is a Fellow at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies and an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the London School of Economics.


Political and academic analyses of Trump’s election victory, like the analysis of the results in the Brexit referendum, has initially largely focused on the role of class, race, gender, and to some extent […]

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Sociology has a Trump Problem

By Michael McQuarrie (LSE)


Sociology has a Trump problem. And a Brexit problem. And a Populism problem. And a white people problem, and a class problem, and a man problem. What does this mean? Confusion is expected because, unfortunately, sociology has these problems in numerous ways. For example, sociology has a real Trump and Brexit problem in the straightforward sense […]

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Gender Equality: #NotThereYet

By Ioanna Gouseti


One of the key messages of Clinton’s campaign was that her victory in the 58th US presidential election would tell people, and especially younger generations, that this is now a world of limitless opportunities for women. The glass ceiling would have finally been broken, and we would have had serious evidence of this. In the morning of […]

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The Tangled Chain of the Social Democrats: a gold necklace and the US election results

by Lisa Mckenzie – @redrumlisa

Lisa is a research fellow in the LSE’s Sociology department, focusing on class, race and austerity Britain. She is also a prominent political activist and manages the LSE Researching Sociology blog.

I wrote a book called ‘Getting By’ about a council estate where I lived for 22 years; I wrote about the relationships and everyday lives of […]

Gender and Sexuality in the US Election: three lessons

By Charis Thompson – @charismt

The US nation spent the last month or so deciding whether to mind that one of the two major party candidates, Donald Trump, had bragged about using his money and power to kiss and grope women without consent, including the line about “grabbing women by the pussy,” that spurred the striking “pussy grabs back” meme. This […]

Obama, Trump and the Language of Everyday Nationalism

by Michael Tavares (@mtavares2)


In recent weeks and months, Donald Trump, the property magnate and U.S. presidential candidate, has routed opponents in the Republican Party. What is the key to his success? Perhaps we will have to wait for post-campaign analyses for a satisfying answer to this question. What can be observed at this stage of the 2016 Presidential Campaign is […]