This page shows a weekly updated list of the past week’s ten most popular blog posts by readership.

  1. Primary Primers: Trump is about to lose, and it won’t be close. – Ronald Ranta – 7 August

  2. Obama’s legacy is as a disappointingly conventional president– David Wise – 30 April 2019

  3. Book Review: White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk about Racism by Robin DiAngelo – Chelsey Dennis – 27 February 2019 

  4. Political parties shape public opinion, but their influence is limited. – Kevin J. Mullinix – 18 April 2017

  5. The curse of slavery has left an intergenerational legacy of trauma and poor health for African Americans – Michael J Halloran – 8 March 2019

  6. Stopping the UN’s Agenda 21 policy on sustainable development has become a rallying cry for the Tea Party across the U.S. – Karen Trapenberg Frick, David Weinzimmer and Paul Waddell  – 8 August 2014

  7. How Black fraternities are actually harmful to Black culture in the US – Ali Chambers – 15 September 2017

  8. What Black Lives Matter can learn from the 1960s struggle for Civil Rights – Dewey M. Clayton – 13 August 2018

  9. Films can have a major influence on how people view government. – Michelle C. Pautz – 12 March 2015

  10. The Covid-19 pandemic shows the power and limits of American federalism. – Alexandra Cockerham and Robert E. Crew Jr. – 3 April