This page shows a weekly updated list of the past week’s ten most popular blog posts by readership.

  1. The US may be stuck with higher inflation in 2022, and potentially beyond – Patricia Sanchez Juanino, Corrado Macchiarelli and Barry Naisbitt – 25 November

  2. What Happened?: The 2020 election confirmed that Ohio is no longer a swing state. – Kevin Fahey – 2 September

  3. What Happened?: Arizona turned blue in the 2020 presidential election, but the Republicans still control the state. – Eldrid Herrington – 21 January

  4. Americans are in favor of interracial marriage until they are asked about their own family – Yanyi K. Djamba and Sitawa R. Kimuna – 11 August 2014

  5. How nationalism can be a force for good in the struggle against Covid-19 – Robert Schertzer and Eric Taylor Woods – 9 April 2020

  6. “Gay” or “Homosexual”: the words we use can divide public opinion on civil rights – Brianna A. Smith – 8 December 2017

  7. What Happened?: The 2020 election showed that libertarians have a long way to go before they can become a national movement. – Jeffrey Michels and Olivier Lewis – 23 December 2020

  8. Obama’s legacy is as a disappointingly conventional president – David Wise – 30 April 2019

  9. The curse of slavery has left an intergenerational legacy of trauma and poor health for African Americans – Michael J Halloran – 8 March 2019

  10. What Happened?: Florida has already sounded a 2024 warning for Joe Biden – Kevin Fahey – 18 February