Exit negotiations

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    No good choices for the British government in the Brexit negotiations

No good choices for the British government in the Brexit negotiations

David Davis has been criticised in some quarters for spending only two hours in Brussels this week negotiating with Michel Barnier before returning hurriedly to London. This criticism is misplaced, writes Brendan Donnelly. As Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, Davis needs to exercise the closest possible control on all the negotiations relating to Brexit. Most of […]

The pharmaceutical industry is at risk from Brexit

The pharmaceutical industry is at risk from Brexit. Border delays, R&D disruption and regulatory divergence pose hazards to this important industry, writes Jianwei Xu.

Despite numerous debates about the impact of Brexit, the pharmaceutical industry seems to be less eye-catching than other sectors like the manufacturing supply chain and financial services. However, pharmaceuticals are one of the EU’s most important […]

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    A U-turn on a hard Brexit should not be entirely disregarded

A U-turn on a hard Brexit should not be entirely disregarded

Britain’s recent General Election and its unanticipated outcome marks the latest chapter in the political turbulence that has characterised the last twelve months since the EU referendum. Tim Oliver argues that the election was not in fact about Brexit, although it does now leave the timing of Brexit in flux. 


Much ink has been spilt explaining one of the most unexpected […]

Brexit can be stopped – but the window of opportunity is closing fast

The idea of a vote on the final Brexit deal is an appealing one to Remainers, says Steve Bullock. But by Christmas 2018, after acrimonious negotiations, the rest of the EU may be in no mood to give the UK a second chance. In any case, there would be no time to renegotiate before the 2019 deadline, which would […]

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    A hard Irish border is quite possible, a frictionless one is an oxymoron

A hard Irish border is quite possible, a frictionless one is an oxymoron

The prospects for ‘frictionless’ and ‘invisible’ solutions for the Irish border after Brexit are limited. Dr Katy Hayward (Queen’s University Belfast) outlines a ‘practical’ summary of the difference that would be made by a ‘hard’ Brexit to the movement of goods across the Irish border. 

Michel Barnier’s dismissal of the notion of ‘frictionless’ trade between the UK and EU after Brexit […]

‘Bloody difficult’ Britain has already blown its chances of a good deal from the EU27

The run-up to the Brexit negotiations has been disastrous for the UK, writes former negotiator Steve Bullock. It has hectored and insulted the EU27’s intelligence and undermined its own credibility. The chances of securing a good deal in the time left are minimal: approaching extremely complex negotiations, Britain chose to be ‘bloody difficult’.

Being “tough” and being “difficult” are not […]

A chaotic Brexit is still a possibility

The terms of the political debate about Brexit in the aftermath of the General Election are gradually becoming clearer. Since the Brexit project is an essentially irrational one, its discussion will always tend towards paradox and conundrum. Nevertheless, the weeks since the General Election have clarified the choices with which the British government and other political actors are likely […]

LSE Continental Breakfast 3: Whitehall feels the strain

In the third of LSE’s Continental Breakfasts – held under Chatham House rules, so participants can speak as freely as they wish – a roundtable discussed the immense challenges facing Whitehall as it gets to grips with Brexit. Philipp Dreyer reports on some of the key points.

The task Whitehall faces in delivering the government’s Brexit strategy is immense and unprecedented. Not even […]

First bargaining chips, now stocktaking: the plan to register EU citizens

EU citizens living in the UK will reportedly be asked to register in ‘a first step towards regularising’ their legal status post-Brexit. But the purpose of this move is unclear, writes Tanja Bueltmann. It comes after a year of uncertainty during which many EU citizens, concerned about their future in the UK, have decided to leave. And it offers no […]

What the Czech Republic wants to get out of Brexit negotiations

The UK is the Czech Republic’s fourth-largest export market, and many of its citizens live in Britain. Monika Brusenbauch Meislová looks at the country’s negotiating stance and asks whether it will stay in line with the rest of the EU27 – or whether domestic political pressures will lead it to break with the rest of the bloc.

Before the EU referendum, […]