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    UK Permanent Residence: where can EU students get information?

UK Permanent Residence: where can EU students get information?

The issue of Comprehensive Sickness Insurance (CSI) and residency for EU students has become a focal point following the outcome of the Brexit referendum. Bethan Ovens has been advising on the requirements for CSI in relation to dual-EU/Non-EU nationals accessing their right of free movement for five years at the LSE. She writes that dual-EU/Non-EU students often do not have the […]

Video: Brexit and Migration

Why is EU migration so controversial? Will EU citizens be able to stay in the UK post-Brexit? What controls on future EU migration are likely? In this LSE Lecture, Philippe Legrain and Patrick McGovern explain.

This post gives the views of its authors, not the position of LSE Brexit or the London School of Economics. 

Philippe Legrain, LSE European Institute

Patrick McGovern, LSE Sociology

It’s not that Britons want to have their EU cake and eat it. They just don’t like the recipe

Most Britons want to curb immigration while trading freely with the EU – or ‘having their cake and eating it’. Freedom of movement is regarded by the EU as fundamental to the single market, which is why Theresa May has indicated the UK will leave it. John Curtice explains that the British tend to believe that migration is an unpalatable […]

‘What have I done to deserve this?’ The aftershocks of Brexit for London’s EU migrants

For many young Europeans living and working in London, Brexit came as a huge surprise. Interviewing EU migrants before and after the referendum, Russell King discusses the ‘affect’ experienced by a generation that grew up with the promise of free movement of people in Europe and of better lives and careers in ‘Euro-city’ London. And in the aftershocks, European migrant hierarchies are being […]

What would a pro-European hard Brexit look like?

Like it or not, Britain is leaving the single market. But there is still plenty to play for, argues Simon Hix. With a deep and comprehensive free trade agreement, we could limit the economic damage. This probably means accepting some EU regulatory standards and devising a scheme to allow EU citizens to work in the UK (and vice versa) if […]

Net migration has fallen for the first time in two years

Last month, we heard that net migration had fallen below 300,000 for the first time in two years in the third quarter of 2016. In addition to this, experts are predicting further falls while businesses – particularly in sectors that employ significant numbers of migrants – are voicing concerns that they will soon face labour shortages. Are we seeing […]

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Mind the Gap: Brexit and the generational divide

The EU Referendum results reveal a sharp generational divide in British politics. According to YouGov, under-25s were more than twice as likely to vote Remain (71%) than Leave (29%), while among over-65s the picture is almost the exact opposite. 

This panel discussion by Jennifer Jackson-Preece, Manmit Bhambra, Michael Cottakis, Roch Dunin-Wąsowicz, Claire Gordon, and Darren Moon considered how Brexit is shaping the politics […]

Talk of a nonexistent ‘tide of hate’ against EU migrants does nothing to help their cause

Some have identified a wave of xenophobia in the UK since Brexit – a ‘tide of hate’ unleashed by the vote. Jim Butcher argues that EU opinion surveys suggests just the opposite, and that Britons have actually become more positive about migration in the past two years. To talk up the perceived xenophobia of Leave voters is ultimately divisive […]

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    The scandal of CSI, the little-known loophole used to deny EU citizens permanent residency

The scandal of CSI, the little-known loophole used to deny EU citizens permanent residency

By now many EU citizens living in Britain feel disheartened and disappointed at Parliament’s failure to secure their rights post-Brexit. A particularly concerning issue that emerged is the years-long misinformation surrounding the Comprehensive Sickness Insurance (CSI). Aleksandra Herbeć writes that failure of the UK government to communicate information about the CSI, also through universities, could mean that thousands of EU citizens in the UK face […]

Erasmus: a fantastic programme, but dominated by the educational elite

Although some non-EU states take part in the Erasmus student exchange programme, it is unclear whether the UK will continue its participation following Brexit. Charlie Cadywould writes that educational and cultural exchanges will be vital for ensuring Britain does not close itself off from Europe, but that programmes like Erasmus need to do a much better job of encouraging those not […]