Book Review: The Europe Dilemma: Britain and the Drama of EU Integration by Roger Liddle

What is Britain’s future in Europe? What future should Britain want for the EU? Roger Liddle’s book provides valuable commentary on a topic that is highly salient in Britain and could radically change the trajectory of the country on multiple levels, writes Amani El Sehrawey.

The Europe Dilemma: Britain and the Drama of EU Integration. Roger Liddle. I.B. Tauris. February […]

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Book Review: The Press and Popular Culture in Interwar Europe edited by Sarah Newman and Matt Houlbrook

This collection aims to show the importance of a comparative European framework for understanding developments in the popular press and journalism between the wars. Challenging the tendency of histories of the press to foreground processes of ‘Americanisation’ and the displacement of older notions of the ‘fourth estate’ by new forms of human interest journalism, the chapters seek to draw […]


Book Review: Judging Europe’s Judges: The Legitimacy of the Case Law of the European Court of Justice edited by Maurice Adams et al.

The aims of this volume are to study the new era in which the European Court of Justice finds itself, following successive waves of EU enlargement. Through eight chapters, Maurice Adams and contributors consider the general principles of EU law, external relations, the internal market, and Union citizenship. Jan Komárek is somewhat disappointed by the short-sighted character of the […]


Book Review: Legions of Peace: UN Peacekeepers from the Global South by Philip Cunliffe

The huge number of security forces stationed around the world as United Nations peace keepers is second only to the global military deployments of the United States. But most UN peacekeepers come from the emerging powers and developing states that comprise the Global South. A major contribution of Legions of Peace is its critical review of UN peacekeeping, which […]


Book Review: Political Journalism in Transition: Western Europe in a Comparative Perspective edited by Raymond Kuhn and Rasmus Kleis Nielsen

The 21st century has already seen dramatic changes affecting both journalism and politics. The rise of a range of new digital and networked communication technologies combined with the stagnation and decline of many traditional mass media has had a profound impact on political journalism. Joseph Peralta finds this book to be a handy, relevant resource for scholars of political […]


Book Review: Life Lessons from Hobbes by Hannah Dawson

Born in Wiltshire in 1588, Thomas Hobbes was an English philosopher whose masterpiece, Leviathan, established the foundation for Western political thought and inspired both hate and awe. As Jacob Phillips writes, Hobbes revealed the darker side of human nature and the value of authority, but he also showed us how to flourish, how to be fearless and free, so that […]