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WTO rules OK? Not any more

Many Brexiteers see the WTO as a desirable framework for the UK’s trade. Donald Trump dislikes it. Steven Woolcock (LSE) explains how the WTO has been undermined by outdated rules, US trade policy and China’s support for its own industries. It looks like rather a poor alternative to negotiating agreements with major markets.

Two developments are seen as evidence of […]

Taking (back) control? The EU Withdrawal Act 2019 and the balance of power

The European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2019 is a Pyrrhic victory, writes Alison Young (University of Cambridge). It did little to modify the relative powers of the House of Commons and the Government and, if anything, its long-term consequence may transfer power from the Commons to the government. 

In an insightful post, David Howarth set out a conflict between two visions of democracy: […]

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    Long read: Does the EU stop Britain from using state aid to help its economy?

Long read: Does the EU stop Britain from using state aid to help its economy?

Some argue that when it is no longer constrained by the EU’s state aid rules, Britain will be able to pursue a more interventionist economic strategy. Kitty Stewart (LSE) asks whether this claim stacks up.

A series of EU regulations restrict state intervention in the economy in EU member states, including complex state aid rules aimed at promoting competition. The original […]

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    What people say about migration and Brexit: stories from Glasgow’s East End

What people say about migration and Brexit: stories from Glasgow’s East End

How does immigration feature in the accounts of Leavers and Remainers? Anna Gawlewicz (University of Glasgow) talked to 20 (largely) Scottish residents of the East End of Glasgow about the impact it had on their voting preferences and understanding of Brexit.

In the East End of Glasgow, Brexit may not be the number one concern. It is a place of […]

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    Campaigning leaflets from the first European Parliament election in 1979

Campaigning leaflets from the first European Parliament election in 1979

LSE Library curator Daniel Payne shares some of his favourite images from the first European Parliament elections in 1979.

The first ever European Parliament elections were held 40 years ago, with an average voter turnout across the member states of 62% (the UK had just 32%). Since then, LSE Library has been documenting the UK’s relationship with Europe through an […]

Why are people moving within Europe? The complexity of migrant decision-making

‘Work’, ‘study’ or ‘family’: these are the official reasons why Europeans migrate to another part of the EU. But Katrin Marchand (Maastricht University) finds that the true reasons are more complex. Separating the choice into two parts – the decision itself and the destination – reveals more about migrants’ motivations.

The principle of free movement between Member States is undoubtedly […]

How will Brexit affect the EP elections in the EU27?

Brexit is not a major issue for people voting in the European Parliament elections in the rest of the EU. But Britain’s struggle to leave the EU may make staying in the bloc more attractive, says Sara Hagemann (LSE). Nonetheless, given the uncertainty surrounding the UK’s departure, Eurosceptic parties may be able to exploit hopes that a favourable exit […]

When a tactical vote may not work: the complex choice facing Remainers in the EP elections

Remainers seeking to maximise the impact of their vote in the European Parliament election face a difficult choice. Heinz Brandenburg (University of Strathclyde) explains why district magnitude is such a key factor in the d’Hondt system, and why it means that different regions call for different voting strategies.

The European Parliament (EP) Elections in the UK on 23 May will […]

The Electoral Commission has effectively disenfranchised EU citizens. Now it must make amends

Thousands of EU citizens will be effectively disenfranchised at the European Parliament elections on 23 May, thanks to a little-known rule requiring them to fill out an extra form in order to vote. the3million co-founder Maike Bohn says the Electoral Commission must now extend the deadline for those who have already registered to vote – and answer serious questions about […]

Calling Brexit a national ‘humiliation’ fuels division

After the drama of the first months of 2019, it’s perhaps a good moment to step back a little and consider the division in society that has been exposed and deepened by Brexit, writes Barry Richards (Bournemouth University). Which aspects of the whole saga have been most toxic, emotionally, and are most likely to get in the way of […]