LSE’s sportsground opened in 1921 and among the many sports taking place at the new ground, in Malden, Surrey, was tennis. There was a tennis club and games took between staff and students. These images from the 1920s introduce tennis at LSE.

Tennis club, 1920:

Tennis Club 1920

Staff and student tennis, 1926 (William Beveridge (centre) on his left Vera Anstey, behind her Professor Arthur Sargent, to his left Baron Meyendorff):

Staff and student tennis, c1926

Tennis party at Malden, 1926 (LSE evening students. Back row: Joseph Frederick Parkinson, Henry Charles Weston Sanders, Alan Russell Smith. Middle row: William Keith Atkins, Reginald Arthur Dunn, Thomas James Griffiths. Front row: David Ralston Gregg, Norman Lovell Smith):

Tennis Party at Malden,1926

Tennis club at Malden, June 1928 (front row: 4th from left Krishna Menon, to his right Henry Charles Weston Sanders, back row: second from left Alan Russell Smith, second from right Donald George Bridel, second row: kneeling second row extreme right Alan Essex-Crosby:

Tennis Club, Malden, June 1928,


Contributed by Hayley Reed (LSE History Blog)

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